Notice To Churches And Schools

With spring here, we’re at the time of year when a lot of communions, confirmations, graduations and other similar events are happening, and have photos from them submitted to The Nashville News.
In the interest of getting these items published in a timely manner, PLEASE, send your photos AND any caption information at the same time.
If they must be sent in separately, things will still go immeasurably smoother if the names of anyone in a photo to be printed can be taken down at the time that the photo is taken, not later in hindsight.
If you will not be submitting the items together, please designate a person to be a point-of-contact for us to get accurate names from quickly.
Finally, we prefer that all items be submitted electronically by email. Send them to [email protected]. This is so that there is less chance of errors in transcription or typos – we want these to be the names that you write, not the names that we read.

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