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Okawville Police Officers Attend HazMat Training

By Alex Johannes

The Okawville Village Board held their regular monthly meeting on the evening of Thursday, March 26.
Under Police and Liquor, Chairperson Sarah Deterding addressed the board in regards to the Okawville police officers attending the annual mandatory Hazmat training on March 7.
Deterding also remarked that the board reviewed city ordinance violators and that the Snapchat gun threat aimed at the high school is still an ongoing investigation with FBI assistance.
Water and Sewer Committee Chairperson Brian Nelson addressed the board about talking to Curry and Associates about the drawing of proposed water lines on the westside of town.
Nelson also recommended that the board approve to add a lift station to allow the Tooley residence on Hanover Street to have their sewer lines connected to the city’s line.
The village received $335.51 in fines from the circuit clerk this month.
The village received $3,629.74 from video-gaming receipts this month.
Mayor Jasper also announced that the TIF District needs representatives to review past TIF projects at the upcoming joint review meeting.
The joint review meeting will take place on the evening of April 23 at the Okawville Senior Center at 5:30 p.m.

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