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City Donates To Nashville Fireworks

By Alex Haglund

Steve Haertling, business owner, volunteer firefighter and the head of the Fourth of July fireworks in Nashville spoke to the Nashville City Council at their regular meeting held on the evening of Thursday, April 5, and asked for a donation to help put on the yearly fireworks show.
In the past, the city council has donated $3,000 to the fireworks and they approved that donation again.
Haertling stated that many area businesses, individuals, and groups, including the Nashville Lions Club, help to sponsor the fireworks show each year, and that the total cost for the show is about $14,000.

MFT Bids

Nashville Street Department Superintendent Richard Schuette presented the winning bids for Motor Fuel Tax funds to the council.
The MFT bids included:
• 250 tons of B.A.M. Bituminous Patch Mix, deliverable to the city stockpile in 45 ton increments with 48 hours notice. Bid price, $46.23 per ton, $11,557.50 total, Bid winner, Glen D. Snead, Inc.
• 700 tons CA-6 aggregate. Furnished to city stockpile, deliverable in 100 ton increments with 48 hours notice. $11.79 per ton, $8,253 total, Beelman Logistics.
• 200 tons of Bituminous Pre-Mix Cold Mix, $87 per ton, $17,400 total, Glen D. Snead, Inc.
• 4.75 tons of emulsified asphalt, furnished and applied, $400 per ton, $1,900 total, Don Anderson Company.
• 1,300 tons of seal coat aggregate, air cooled blast furnace slag. $23.10 per ton, $30,030, Beelman Logistics.
• 600 tons of seal coat aggregate, loaded from city stockpile and spread on city streets, $5.50 per ton, $3,300 total, Glen D. Snead, Inc.
• 125 tons of re-swept aggregate, loaded from city stockpile and spread on city streets. $5.75 per ton, $719 total, Glen D. Snead, Inc.
The total cost for all 2018 MFT bid items was $73,159.50

Water And Sewer Items

A number of items were approved for purchase by the city council for water and sewer department use.
First, the council approved the purchase of a Soil Surgeon X1, at a cost of $3,200. This allows crews to make pothole lines more efficiently, and aids the city in becoming compliant with the lead inventory rule that the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has placed the on the city.
Next, the council approved the purchase of an aerator for the sewer lagoons at a cost of $8,795. The city has been purchasing new aerators for the lagoon at a rate of one per year, typically replacing the oldest one still in use which is then kept to utilize for spare parts.
The council approved the purchase of a four-inch pump to transfer sludge at the request of water plant head Jim Leonard. Middleton said that the pump can also be used as a back-up for the sewer.
The purchase will be offset by the city trading in an eight-inch pump which is too big to handle and attach at city pump stations.
The total cost of the new pump is $30,168. The old pump has a trade-in value of $7,750, and there is a cost for accessories, adapters, prime guard float set and hoses for $896.61. The final expense for the item with the accessories and the trade-in is $23,314.61.
The last item of the meeting was an executive session to discuss the purchase of real estate by the city. Upon returning to open session, the council approved a land purchase for the new lift station expansion, an item the council has been discussing at the last several meetings.

Other Items

Schuette told the council that there have now been 222 new LED bulbs swapped into fixtures, replacing high efficiency fluorescent bulbs.
Council Member Terry Kozuszek told the council that during March 231 residents used the recycling service, and 6.76 tons of recyclables were collected.
There will be a planning commission meeting at 7:30 p.m., on Wednesday, April 25, at the Public Works building.
Schuette told the council that there would be a safety committee meeting held at 10 a.m. on Monday, April 9.
Utilities Superintendent Blaine Middleton told the council that the sealed bid that the city had put in for the truck being sold in Mt. Vernon was not accepted.

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