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Glowing Eyes

Nashville – April 11, 2018

Susan Roethemeyer

At first the beings from the saucer crafts had been friendly and solicitous.
They had gone to the hospitals and helped the sick there, using their knowledge of human anatomy and physiology to help cure what we on Earth had found incurable.
So grateful were the patients and the Doctors for that help and freely shared knowledge, that no one questioned the aliens’ motives.
Everyone was gratified that when Aliens finally did visit Earth, that there was no aggression, no warfare, no advanced weaponry (at least that was used against humankind).
The most interesting thing was that the Aliens were genetically compatible to us on Earth.
That fact, some said, was the reason the Aliens were able to come up with cures for our deadly diseases.
Also, others argued, that was how they were able to infiltrate our society.
Because as time wore on and the years passed, some of the Aliens married into our society.
The children born of those marriages were normal except for one thing – their eyes.
The eyes of the Aliens glowed when they were excited, and they had passed the trait on to their half-human children.
They also possessed a form of telekinesis. So an Alien in California could “talk” to one in Missouri or England or Japan or even South Africa.
It was true, though, that the further away they were from each other, the fainter the sense of communication was. So from the other side of the world, all one Alien could detect was the faint personality of the other, no real words.
Ben and Laura were a couple here in the United States.
“Ben,” Laura said one morning as they were eating breakfast, “This might seem silly to you, but sometimes when an A is looking at me I feel a wave of hostility. Is that – I mean – could it be real? They’ve always been so nice.”
Ben put down the fork he’d been using to scoop up his scrambled eggs.
“Nah, Honey,” he said as he spooned strawberry jam onto a triangle of toast. “That’s just your imagination.”
But as he chewed on his toast Ben thought back to a funny look he’d caught yesterday on the face of one of his coworkers.
He was an Alien – an “A,” as they’ve been come to be called – and usually a helpful guy.
But yesterday the A’s face had flashed an angry look at their boss.
Ben shook his head. No- there’s nothing to that. Everyone gets mad at the boss once in a while.


  1. Anonymous on December 10, 2020 at 3:41 pm

    Europe, and in Ancient Russia

  2. Anonymous on July 20, 2020 at 9:37 am

    Did this really happen or just a story to be telling?

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