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Letter: A Response To “Let’s Get The Word Out”

I would like to respond to Mr. Rick Greten’s letter regarding the elections and health care costs and the affordable health care act. I believe he did an outstanding job in writing the article for in my eyes it truly expresses and totally demonstrates his arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence. I fully understand and respect his rights to express his concerns for I spent twenty years of my life supporting and defending the constitution and rights of our citizens, and those years took me all over the world. What combat unit did you serve in Rick? Part of our way of life and constitutional rights are the opportunities to advance through the free market. The health care and drug industries you mentioned are doing no more than exercising their right under the free market. Do I agree with some of the corporate greed? No, but I have to respect their rights under our democratic way of life. If you are not pleased with your current health care, it is a free market and you can look for a new job that may have benefits that suit your needs. You did mention taxpayers, yes, I too am a taxpayer of this county, and if I am not mistaken you are a county employee. I do not know the ethics of county employees expressing their views or political wishes in a public format but it seems to me it is pushing the limits. Regarding your statement about an election year and no mention of health care, my mail box was filled with flyers and letters of those running for office and I saw mention of health care and drug costs on a lot of them. If my memory serves me correctly, last year in July or August our Congress (elected officials) voted to repeal and or amend the affordable health care act, it failed. Again, I will state that if you are not pleased with your current health care options, by all means, you would be entitled to seek employment elsewhere that may have the programs and benefits you are seeking. I would also like to remind our county citizens and a few of the county board members that are still serving, years ago when our community of Hoyleton was hit by a tornado that the Village of Hoyleton officials had to contact the State of Illinois emergency personnel, for it was not possible to make contact with our county Emergency director Rick Greten. I would like to also address this letter to our elected county officials and ask if his letter was appropriate and just wonder if that letter to the editor was written during official business hours using county resources.

John Lietz

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