“L’eve-toi Et Brille” (Rise To Shine) By Cali Fairbanks

NCHS Student Gallery

This week’s NCHS Student Gallery features “l’eve-toi et brille” (Rise to Shine), by Senior Art II student Cali Fairbanks.
The piece is an 8×10 inch scratchboard. To create an image on scratchboard, the artist uses engraving tools to scratch the surface of a board that has a thin layer of white china clay and covered with a layer of India ink. As the artist carves over the black India ink, the white clay layer shows through. It features a close-up view of a rooster.
“With scratchboard, I was able to create a variety of textures on a rooster,” wrote Fairbanks. “I have learned that scratchboard is a good material to use when working with multiple textures and creating the illusion of textures.”
“The title, ‘L’eve-toi et brille’; is in French and translates in English as ‘rise and shine.’” Fairbanks continued. “I chose the French title because when it is night time in the United States, it is morning time in France. A rooster crows in the early morning.”

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