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“Van Gogh Self Portrait” By Briannah Ralls

NCHS Student Gallery – April 18, 2018

This week’s NCHS Student Gallery features “Van Gogh Self Portrait” by Junior Art III Student Briannah Ralls.
This piece is a 12X16 inch acrylic paint self-portrait. 5. Art III students were given a famous artist to research. They studied their life and artwork. Students presented their research information with the other students in their art class. At the end of the project, they created a self-portrait in a similar style to the artist that they researched.
“My self-portrait painting is an attempt to replicate the artistic style of Vincent Van Gogh,” Ralls stated. “I did research about the artist’s life for inspiration. I learned a lot about his life and I was very surprised by how difficult his life really was.”

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