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County Board Approves MFT Oil And Asphalt Bids

By Alex Haglund

There was a lot of highway department business discussed and in action at the April meeting of the Washington County Board, held on Tuesday, April 10, at the Washington County Courthouse.
First, County Engineer Mitch Burdick presented bids for bituminous materials (asphalt and oil for road maintenance) using motor fuel tax (MFT) funds.
Burdick and the highway department bid for both the county itself, and for the various township road districts. All of the prices shown are for the items to be both furnished and applied or spread, unless otherwise stated.

Don Anderson Company of Hoffman was the winning bid for HFE 150/300 asphalt for the county and road district – the total for that bid was $491,021.10, which breaks down to:

• 200 tons HFE 150/300 for the county, $344.18 per ton, $68,836 total.

• 1,020 tons HFE 150/300 for road district, $344.18 per ton, $351,063.60 total.

• 100 tons MC 800 road district, $556.17 per ton, $55,617 total

• 25 tons of SC 600, road district, $620.18 per ton, $15,504.50 total.

Burdick told the board he was pleased with the amount of bids that he had received, and was also pleased that the cost for materials was relatively low.
“Last year was the lowest bids we’ve seen,” stated Burdick. “This year was the second lowest, so we really can’t complain too much.”
Two bids for bituminous mix #1 were awarded for delivery to loading points for the county. Both bids were for 250 tons of the mix.
The first was to be delivered to a Nashville loading point and was won by Glen D. Snead, Inc., at a cost of $45.79 per ton, total cost of $11,447.50.

The second was to an Okawville loading point and was won by Obermeier Trucking, at a cost of $39 per ton, $9,750 total.

For the road districts, bids won included:

• Bolo Township, Bituminous Mix #1, 300 ton, Moeller Brothers, Inc., $50.45 per ton, $15,135 total.

• DuBois Twp., Bituminous Mix #1, 400 ton, Moeller Brothers, Inc., $51.85 per ton, $20,740 total.

• Johannisburg Twp., Bituminous Mix #1, 600 ton, Moeller Brothers, Inc., $50.45 per ton, $30,270 total.

• Nashville Twp., Bituminous Mix #1, 400 ton, Glen D. Snead, Inc., $48.79 per ton, $19,516 total.

• Oakdale Twp., Bituminous Mix #1, 500 ton, Moeller Brothers, Inc., $50.45 per ton, $25,225 total.

• Pilot Knob Twp., Bituminous Mix #1, 250 ton, Glen D. Snead, Inc., $50.79 per ton, $12,697.50 total.

• Plum Hill Twp., Bituminous Mix #1, 425 ton, Doelling Truck Service, $46.50 per ton, $19,762.50 total.

• Irvington Twp., HFE 300 Spec, 25 ton, Don Anderson Company, $400 per ton, $10,000 total.

• Various districts, M-19-xx Patch, tonnage and requirements vary, delivery to loading points, Christ Brothers Asphalt, $77 per ton.

• Lively Grove, Non-MFT bid item, Bituminous Mix #1, 500 ton, Moeller Brothers, Inc., $52.45, $26,225 total.

Emergency Bridge Repair

Burdick told the board that there was an emergency bridge repair that had come up, just before the meeting. The bridge in question is on County Highway 5, near Richview, about a half mile east of US-51.
“We have this bridge scheduled for a full replacement in Fiscal Year 2020,” Burdick said, but stated that the condition of the bridge had deteriorated enough that repairs had to be made in order to insure safety until then.
“We’ve been working diligently for the last few days to get that repaired,” Burdick said, and added that a plan was in place that necessitate the bridge’s closure for Thursday and Friday. Later, a delay in the delivery of materials had Burdick revise his estimation, saying that he hoped to have the bridge open again by Wednesday (April 18, the date of this publication).

Executive Session

In closed session, Burdick had a resolution that the board discussed as well. Upon return to open session, the board approved entering into an engagement and fee agreement with Jackson and Lewis
Attorneys for labor and employment law advice and counsel. This action is contingent upon approval of the Washington County State’s Attorney.
Also following closed session, the board approved action giving the road and bridge committee authority to negotiate any agreements for pilot coal programs during 2018.

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