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Faith Perspectives – April 18, 2018

By Rev. Beverly Kahle
St. Paul UCC, Nashville

We are currently in the season of Easter where we celebrate and explore what it means that Christ died for us so that we can live for and through him.
Easter is that wonderful time in the spring when usually the world around us awakens from its winter slumber and bursts into life with flowers riotously bursting into blooms and trees shaking off the sleep of winter to erupt into seas of green as leaves unfurl from their buds. The grass once again becomes a carpet of green. Animals shake off the winter sleep of hibernation and life teems around us.
The sun returns with skies that are blue and rain showers the earth to make things grow even faster.
Except this year.
This year it’s been cold and dreary and cold and dark and cold and overcast and, did I mention cold?
I have heard it said on more than one occasion, “Is spring ever going to get here?”
For some, the contrariness of the weather has made it difficult to truly experience the joy of anything, including Easter.
However, even in this cold and dreary spring, new life is creeping forth as the grass begins to green, flowers pop up out of the ground, and the rabbits are frolicking through my yard. I think this is such an important and profound lesson. The weather may not be as cooperative as we want, but it is not stopping the world from bringing forth life.
In much the same way the world around us is filled with life-thwarting, life-threatening, and life-destroying news and events. Every day, we are checking to see what tragedy, what act of terrorism, what economic disaster, what potentially cataclysmic event has occurred now.
My friends, the lesson of Easter just like the lesson of spring reminds us again that new life will arise. Though evil threatened, God’s plan prevailed and Jesus brought life to us all.
Jesus is still bringing the Easter promise of life today. In the midst of the coldness of the events of the world, Jesus’ love and forgiveness warms us, life erupts, and hope grows.
Just like the inevitability of spring, is the constancy and reliability of Jesus’ love and forgiveness that brings resurrection – life out of the death around us. When the obstacles and worries of this world become overwhelming, remember- just like the movement of one season to another, the love of God will prevail. May we dare to believe and share the joy of the Easter promise.

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