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“Non-Traditional Mandala” By Willow Simmons

“Non-Traditional Mandala”
By Willow Simmons

NCHS Student Gallery – April 25, 2018

This week’s art for the NCHS student gallery is “Non-Traditional Mandala”, created by NCHS Senior and Art II Student Willow Simmons.
The piece is a 12×12 inch graphite and marker drawing. Students studied artist associated with the Abstract Art movement. The Abstract art style features simplified subject matter into basic shapes, forms, and color. Students also studied symmetrical circular designs, known as Mandalas. Students were given the art challenge to create their own unique non-traditional style mandala that demonstrated balance, abstraction, the illusion of form and depth.
“My artwork is about asymmetrical balance,” Simmons wrote, “as well as showing a mixture of organic and traditional shapes.”

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