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Ministerial Alliance Planning Mission Trip To Texas, September 8-15

The member churches of the Washington County Ministerial Alliance are assembling a group of servant-minded people for a mission trip to the Corpus Christi region of Texas to aid in hurricane relief efforts.
This mission trip is open to anyone from Washington County, regardless of church affiliation, and is scheduled for September 8-15, 2018.
Interested persons can contact their local member church or the president of the Alliance, Rev. Beverly Kahle of St. Paul’s UCC in Nashville, at 327-4326.
Last year, Hurricane Harvey alone caused $125 billion dollars in damages. While many faith-based organizations and others responded right away, much of that support has waned in recent months.
However, with any disaster of such magnitude, the need for support will continue for years, so this mission trip is aimed at long-term restoration and relief. Jobs may include as specialized tasks as hanging drywall or running plumbing, or as general as painting or cleaning.
However, specific jobs won’t be known until the team arrives in Texas.
Residents of Washington County who would like to help their neighbors in Texas are asked to prayerfully consider joining the Alliance in this trip.
Even if you cannot attend the trip, you can still support the relief efforts in your prayers and monetary or in-kind donations.
The Washington County Ministerial Alliance is an ecumenical group of pastors from the area who are united in Christ’s call to love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:39).

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