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Final Deadline Brochures For History Book In Next Week’s Edition

Those waiting to submit their family history or purchase a copy of the Washington County Bicentennial Family and History book are in luck: the final deadline brochures will be found in the May 9 edition of The Nashville News.
They will feature a deadline of June 30 for submitting and ordering, which the publisher, Acclaim Press in Sikeston, Mo., was happy to allow as the response so far is tremendous.
Over 400 books have been ordered, and over 400 families have submitted their biographies.
“Purchase your books now as the price is likely to go up after this deadline, and it will certainly go up after the book goes to print,” said Elaine Rucker, chairman of the book committee.
Books are available for $54.95 and can be ordered via the order slip in the brochures, or by stopping by the Washington County Museum on Saturday’s from 1-4 pm.
Don’t let the Bicentennial book pass you by without your family included nor without your very own copy!


The press release received by The Nashville News for this item contained the wrong information.

The correct date of the final deadline for submissions to the book is published here, June 30, 2018.

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