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Citizen Addresses City Council About Chemtrails

Joseph Lamb, ABOVE, spoke to the Nashville City Council at their meeting on Thursday, May 3, about the dangers he sees to the community and country from chemicals he says are being sprayed on the populace from jet planes.

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville City Council had a member of the public, Joseph Lamb, address them at their regular meeting on Thursday, May 3. Lamb spoke about GEO Engineering, raising awareness of chemicals and metals which he states are being sprayed on people and property as lines of exhaust from the backs of airplanes, chemtrails.
Lamb told the council that he was not a scientist but a musician, and said that he was trying to raise awareness to the issue of geo engineering, with trails of chemicals being dispersed he said, to counteract man-made global warming.
“If we are going to do something this drastic to the country,” Lamb told the council, we should at least have oversight.”
Lamb stated that the chemicals contained in the sprays were having other effects than just restraining global warming. “It’s becoming more and more evident that we’re being covered with something,” Lamb said. “We are being sprayed without our consent.”
Lamb did not request any action be taken by the city council, but he did distribute a list of digital web addresses, mostly YouTube videos on the issue. The bottom of the list had a quote by Lamb himself, “if we all make a little change, it would be huge.”
The council took no actions or votes and made no statements regarding Lamb.

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