Nashville Farmer’s Market Open For Season

The Nashville Farmer’s Market has opened for business for 2018 and every Thursday, shoppers can see what’s freshly grown or made and up for sale there.

Jen Malacarne, displaying a Rose Wood Sorrel.

The first week at the market was a rainy one, but the second, on Thursday, May 10, had much nicer weather and more vendors came out (see photos here).

Myra Middendorf.

This week’s Farmer’s Market will offer something interesting and new as well: music to shop to. This Thursday, from 8: 45 to 9:15 a.m., the Warrior Praise Choir of Trinity-St. John School will be performing at the market.

Jennifer Bearden of Bearden’s Back Acre Farms.

The Nashville Farmer’s Market is sponsored by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce and is located on the sidewalk in front of the Washington County Courthouse.

Mike Henry, Simonton Orchard.

In addition to the morning hours on Thursdays, later in the summer, hours will also be held on Monday afternoons and evenings.

Paul Stegman.

For more information on the market, or for information on becoming a vendor, contact the Nashville Chamber of Commerce at (618) 327-3700.

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