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Middleton To Throw Discus At Lindenwood-Belleville

NCHS Senior Josie Middleton signs to throw the Discus at Lindenwood Belleville University next year. Josie is seated between her parents Blaine and Jennifer Middleton. Standing is Lindenwood Belleville Track and Field Graduate Assistant Cortesha Spencer, NCHS Girls Track and Field Coach Jason Alli, and NCHS Athletic Director Alicia Heggemeier. 
By Brent Huelsmann
After four years at NCHS, Josie Middleton will continue to throw the Discus at Lindenwood-Belleville. Middleton, a two-time state qualifier in the Discus, also was a key member of the NCHS Stingers during her four years in Nashville.
As for why she chose Lindenwood Belleville, Middleton noted the opportunity to continue athletics, as well as the proximity to home. “I chose it because I recently just got an offer for Discus. I’ve been throwing Discus all for years. It’s close to home, I still am kind of far away, but I will still be able to come home on the weekends and still see my family. I’m really excited that I got this opportunity to throw and continue my education at Lindenwood-Belleville.”
Middleton has been a part of a lot of success at NCHS both with the track program and with the NCHS Stingers. The Hornettes track team has won three consecutive Sectional Championships. Middleton was a big part of the last two Sectional Championships, as she qualified for state in the Discus in each of the past two seasons. Middleton was a part of the NCHS Stingers team that competed at the IHSA State Dance Finals as well as the IDTA State Finals this past season.
Hornettes coach Jason Alli talked about Middleton’s contribution to the NCHS Girls track program. “She is going to be missed. She has really improved over the last couple years. I can see a bright future for her in college. She has a lot of family support. Family that has thrown the discus and everything. She gets help from them as well as from the coaches, so hopefully she has a lot of success in college.”
Alli went on to say, “She does a great job with helping me out because she knows all the fundamentals of throwing, so when we do have younger kids over there she pitches in and helps coach them when I’m not around, so that’s gonna be the part that I am going to miss a lot, just having her help when I’m not around over there, to help all of the other kids.
As for what she will need to work on in college, Middleton said, “I’m definitely going to have to switch up my technique, and I’m definitely going to have to lift more, and dedicate my time more. I’ve been dancing all four years so now it’s more Discus and dedication to track and just practicing a lot more.”
Although Middleton noted she will focus on track in college, she still wants to be involved in dance. “Hopefully be able to still keep my head in dance because dance has always been my passion, but definitely more dedicated to Discus and Track and Field.”
Middleton came into the year thinking she would continue to Dance at the next level, but changed the course during the season. “I thought that I was going to continue my dance career but I realized that I actually do have a chance in Discus and once I put my efforts into it I can be successful in it. I still love Dance and I love track too, so it was kind of a pick and choose, and Lindenwood reached out to me, so I decided Track.”
As for her favorite memories at NCHS, Middleton talked about going up to State. “Definitely my favorite memories are going to State. I went to State last year. I’m looking forward to going to State this year. Thanks to Coach Alli, he’s pushed me and he’s made me the thrower I am today.”
Middleton is undecided on what she will study in college.

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