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Happy Home Hour Meets At Russell’s Home

Roll Call Question For Meeting Was “Are you a care-giver?”

HAPPY HOME HOUR met in the home of Nancy Russell on May 16, 2018.
President Julie Schroeder led the Collect in unison. The meeting was called to order by Julie.
Six members answered the roll call question of “Are you a Care-Giver?”
Nancy Russell provided a report of activities of the WC HCE county board.
Letters will be sent to each unit president during June in relation to setting up a work schedule in the booth at the Nashville Fall Festival. The next county board meeting will be May 21 with new and retiring board members in attendance.
The members discussed possibilities of a Free Month activity. A trip to Arthur; Garden of the Gods and Cave–In–Rock were suggested.
Nancy presented the lesson of Caregiver Self Care. There were many good points given to protect your own health while caring for another. We must not become the one being cared for while assisting another!
The next meeting will be in the home of Julie Schroeder on June 20.
The meeting adjourned and refreshments were served.

Nancy Russell,
pro tem

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