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Legislative Committee Discusses Consolidating Election Precincts

By Alex Haglund

The Legislative Committee of the Washington County Board brought a gun sanctuary county resolution to the board which was approved unanimously. For more on that action, see the article HERE from the May 16 edition of The Nashville News.
Legislative Committee Chair Eric Brammeier also told the board that the committee was working on the consolidation of election precincts, an action possible if two precincts together equal less than 800 people.
While there are a number of precincts in the county this could apply to, the committee planned to ask the board to approve two consolidations: Irvington 1 and 2 to be combined, and Nashville 1 and 2.
These were selected not just because they were eligible in terms of population, but because they could be consolidated with no change to the polling places – except that each location would now require five fewer election judges.
The committee had planned to bring the action to the board at this meeting, but instead Brammeier said he would return with it at the June meeting, after the committee had ironed a few more issues out.

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