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Kirchner And Brink Discuss Band Practice Field With NCHS Board

Jennifer Brink and David Kirchner talked to the NCHS Board about Kirchner Family Company plans for a music practice field.

By Alex Haglund

David Kirchner and Jennifer Brink spoke to the board of Nashville Community High School at their regular meeting for May, held on Monday, May 21, giving them some details about a proposed band practice field/facility that Kirchner Family Companies are spearheading the construction of in the coming months.
“Our thought as a business would be to make inroads in terms of improving and beautifying the school,” Kirchner told the board.
The field would take some amount of earth moving to get where it needs to be, but Brink stated, “by doing this backfill and then filling in a little, then we won’t have to limit the kind of drills that they run.”
In the past, the band has practiced on the field in front of the school, which does have a slope to it.
During the meeting, Interim Superintendent Thomas Hawkins stated that the summer months at NCHS would be very, very busy in terms of construction, with projects including a new digital sign/marquee along IL-127, health/life-safety work as specified by a Regional Office of Education inspection earlier in the year, a new greenhouse for the Agriculture/FFA department, which also is being built with assistance of Kirchner Family Companies, and now this project.
“Do we think that this can get done this summer?” board member Kim Morris asked.
“Oh yes, definitely,” said Kirchner.
Kirchner stated that he also hoped that this project could help to serve as an example for other area companies to help support the school, and stated that already, both Schomakers and API had been involved in the project.
“The first weekend in June is probably what we’re thinking,” said Kirchner, as far as a starting time, and added, “we probably don’t need too much assistance on this.”
Hawkins stated that his only concern was making sure that there wouldn’t be conflicts between the work being done for this project and the greenhouse project, which will have work happening around the same time, and in a an area close to the practice field. Kirchner assured the board that they would be able to work with and around the work happening for that.

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