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“Doily Dog” By Olivia Anderson

“Doily Dog”

NCHS Student Gallery – May 30, 2018

This week’s NCHS Student Gallery Piece is “Doily Dog”, created by Sophomore Art II student Olivia Anderson.
The piece is a dog sculpture made with a papier-mâché technique (paper and paste) with yarn, doilies, ribbon, and buttons. It is free-standing and measures 22 x 9 x 14 inches.
“My sculpture was inspired by kids’ toys made around the 1920s,” Anderson wrote. “Today, most toys are made of plastic. I chose yarn fur and buttons for the eyes to imitate the soft look in the toys. When I found old doilies, I thought they would add to the old-fashion theme.”
“I made the base structure using a papier-mâché technique. The most time-consuming part of the construction was creating the fur,” she continued. “I wrapped the yarn around my hand and then cut it on both ends of the wrapped circle. This created three-inch strands of yarn and I twisted the yarn in the center, and then glued the center to the sculpture. I chose to glue the yarn close together, so that the paper would not show through. I used many art classes and weekends to complete it. At the end, I tied a ribbon around his neck and decided my efforts were all worth it.”

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