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City Council Takes Personnel Action

The Nashville City Council handled a number of personnel-related items at their first meeting for June.

By Alex Haglund

The Nashville City Council made a number of motions related to city employees at their meeting on the evening of Thursday, June 7.
The streets Department had been given authority to seek two new employees, one full time and one part time.
After a committee meeting though, “it was recommended that we hire two full time while we had good applications in front of us,” as opposed to hiring one as part time.
The Council approved the hiring of Chad Malick and Cody Moore, who Schuette said were standout applicants, even to other employees of the street department as well as to himself and members of the council.
These hirings are pending a drug test and other regular pre-employment practices from the city.


For the Police Department, Police Committee Chair Josh Fark said, “we have an officer, (Jeff) Heinzl, who has turned in his two weeks notice.”
The motion allows Police Chief Fletcher to advertise for a replacement full time employee to fill the spot vacated by Heinzl, but the council also authorized Heinzl to stay on as a part time employee, at his request.
Mayor Erik Rolf said he had spoken to Fletcher before the meeting (Fletcher was not present) and Fletcher had approved Heinzl staying on as a part time officer.


The Library Board made a request of the City as well, asking for assistance in paying the library director’s (Dennis Gregory) salary.
City Council Library Committee Chair Dennis Kellerman said that instead of actually having the city pay the salary, they instead elected to make a donation annually, in the amount of $30,000, “which is approximately what the library director’s salary is.”
“It doesn’t that we’ll have to give it to them every year,” said Rolf, “we’ll review it every year.”
“Yes,” Kellerman said, “but they do a lot for the community and having some more finances available to them will allow them to do more.”


The council approved ordinance 2018-2, zoning changes for two lots of the Howard Property from facing Adams Street to go from residential to business. This ordinance was preceded by action and a recommendation from the planning committee at a previous meeting.
The council approved a donation of $100 for a hole sponsorship for the Nashville Ladies Golf League Scramble.
It was mentioned that 43 city employees completed their Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) and CPR training.
The purchase of a new phone system through CTS was briefly touched upon before being tabled due to the council wanting more details on a fiber leasing agreement.
“I have a few more questions I want answered before we move forward with this,” said Rolf.
Hargan stated that the golf course would be looking to purchase a new rough mower and it was likely that he would propose they do so with the city buying the item and then the golf course paying them back.

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