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County Board Approves Consolidating Irvington And Nashville Election Precincts

By Alex Haglund

The Washington County Board approved consolidated two Irvington and two Nashville election precincts down to one at their meeting on the evening of Tuesday, June 12.
The precinct consolidation was first mentioned to the full board at their May 8 meeting, when legislative committee chairman Eric Brammeier said that the law allowed election precincts to be consolidated if they total less than 800 people together.
The Irvington 1 and 2, and Nashville 1 and 2 Precincts which were approved for consolidation fit the population threshold, but also consolidating them would not result in a geographic move for the polling places.
In effect, this makes it so the same people can vote in the same place, but fewer election judges will be required, a job that already can be hard to have entirely filled on election day. The polling places for these districts would now need five fewer judges each.
“We’re not really changing anything,” Brammeier told the board before the vote, “except combining two groups of people in one room down into one group of people in that same room.”

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