West Washington School Board Passes Balanced Budget

Board Passes Budget At Final Meeting For 2017-18 School Year

By Alex Johannes

The West Washington County Community Unit School District #10 Board of Education held their Amended Budget Hearing for the school year, followed by their regular monthly meeting on the evening of Thursday, June 21.

Amended Budget Hearing

Items mentioned during the hearing included:
• Property Replacement Tax: budgeted $72,000, received $80,000
• Early Childhood Tuition: budgeted $18,000, received $27,000
• Revenue: budgeted $140,000, received $132,000
• Athletic Admissions: budgeted $32,000, received $40,500
• Evidence Base Funding: budgeted $1,157,902, received $1,300,919
• Drivers’ Education: budgeted $5,000, received $8,350
• Title IV: received $3,200 (one-time plan)
• Special Education I.D.E.A Revenue Excess Cost: budgeted $8,900, received $875. This will be phased out to cut back on expenses.
• Medicaid Fees: budgeted $21,500, received $50,000
• Bonds: interest gain of $20,650
• Regular Transportation: budgeted $80,000, received $140,000
• Special Education: budgeted $55,000, received $84,000
• Expenses for Education: budgeted $133,000, spent $103,000
• Travel: budgeted $23,600, spent $26,500
• Supplies: budgeted $11,000, spent $17,000
• Testing: budgeted $12,500, spent $7,500
• Installation of Firewall: spent $4,700
• Operating and Maintenance: spent $25,000, spent $20,000
• Repair and Supplies: budgeted $216,000, spent $206,000
• Air Conditioning Repairs: spent $3,500
• Bonds: budgeted $1,778,061, received $931,990
• Capital Projects: budgeted $10,000, spent $7,500
• Construction: budgeted $20,000, spent $10,000
• Equipment: budgeted $10,000, spent $4,000
• Health Life Safety: budgeted $500,000, spent $8,000
According to Superintendent Scott Fuhrhop this has been, “the first time in a long time” that Okawville has had a balanced budget.

Regular Meeting

A letter from graduated Okawville High School Senior Luke Uhles was read by Superintendent Fuhrhop to the board in which Uhles expressed his gratitude for being chosen for a scholarship.
The board approved the 2017-2018 budget as amended which was presented at the budget hearing held prior to the regular meeting.
The board approved to keep all fees the same for the 2018-2019 school year.
In the Superintendent’s Report, Superintendent Fuhrhop gave updates about the state funding for education and made remarks about the summer maintenance around the school.
As a result of executive closed session, Haley Althoff was hired as Jr. High Softball Coach for the 2018-2019 season.

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