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Freedom And Independence

Faith Perspectives – July 11, 2018

By Pastor Matt Craft,
Nashville Assembly of God

Last Wednesday we celebrated our Independence Day as a nation.
A day set aside for us to celebrate our independence from British rule. To celebrate our freedom, our republic, a government by the people and for the people.
What is freedom? Webster’s defines freedom as a condition of being free; liberty; and independence. Webster’s defines free as not under the control of another; able to speak, write, meet and worship as one pleases.
This freedom has made our country, although not perfect, the single best influence for good and freedom, the world has ever known.
Let us remember the men, women, and their families that have sacrificed so much, so that you and I can enjoy freedom. Tell them “Thank You”.
I am glad to live here in America where we are free, but there is a freedom that is more important than political, economic, and national freedom.
Freedom from death.
You may ask, “What are you saying, doesn’t everyone die?”
That is true; sooner or later our bodies will die, unless the Lord returns first. Then what?
Our souls will exist forever, either in Heaven with our Lord and Savior or separated from Him in a lake of fire, where the flames never quench, the pain and torment never stop.
This is known as the second death, but you can be free of this horrible existence.
Our sin, which is disobedience and rebellion against God, separates us from God.
Our payment for this sin is death.
But here is the Good News: God’s son Jesus endured death, even death on a cross, so that our payment for sin could be paid in full.
Now because Jesus has paid our debt, we can be free of sin and its consequences, that is death.
In the Gospel of John, Jesus declares that who He sets free is free indeed.
Are you free?
Ask God to forgive you of your sins, make Him the lord (or boss) of your life, and you will be free indeed.

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