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City To Seek Credit Cards

By Alex Haglund

The first meeting of the Nashville City Council for July, held on the evening of Thursday, July 5, was a very brief one. The Council approved applying for credit cards for the city, which had previously been discussed at the first June meeting.
“The one that was best for us, I think, was from Community Trust Bank, “ said City Clerk Terrie Kurwicki, who had been asked to seek information on the cards by the council and mayor Erik Rolf.
“The other banks we talked to,” said Rolf, “but none of them really had offers for us other than Community Trust.”
“They were pretty flexible on credit limits,” said Kurwicki.
The city will be applying to receive six cards, for the the street department (Rich Schuette), utilities department (Blaine Middleton), the water plant (Jim Leonard), The Police Department (Brian Fletcher), and city hall (Rolf and Kurwicki).
The credit limits for those cards will be $2,000 for the cards issued for Schuette, Middleton and Leonard; $5,000 for the card issued for Fletcher; and $20,000 each for the cards issued to Kurwicki and Rolf.
“A lot of this, it will be used for training, going to hotels, and things like that,” Rolf said.
Council member Kelly Sheridan, on the finance committee, asked about policies regarding card use, and how receipts would be turned in.
“We’re going to have to put a full policy into the book,” Rolf said, reconciling how they are put into use.”
While Rolf said a comprehensive policy would be needed before the cards could be used at all, the action being brought before the board at this meeting was simply whether to apply for the cards or not. The council approved doing so.

Other Business

Council member Sue Finke spoke to the rest of the board, acting as a representative of Lehde Auction Service, and her nephew, Jim Lehde.
Finke requested that a portion of Wood Street be closed off on August 4 for an auction to be held. The closure will run from the driveway of the home where the auction is being held, to the stop sign at the end of the street.
“There’s no other driveways that will be blocked,” Schuette said, saying he didn’t have any issue with the closure.
Fletcher also agreed that he saw no problems with the closure.
The council, with exception of Finke, who abstained, approved the closure.
For the gas department, Middleton stated that planned work to replace a portion of the main on Adams Street would be occurring, but for right now, he was still taking care of preparations beforehand.

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