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Little Hornets Attend School Board Meeting

Little Hornets Ask For Use Of Facilities For Season, Point Of Contact With NCHS

By Alex Haglund

A number of members of the Little Hornets organization came to the June 25 meeting of the NCHS Board, asking for use of the school’s fields for their fall season, and for a point of contact between themselves and the district.
Chad Courson spoke on behalf of the Little Hornets, and told the board that they have four teams, one at each of four different age levels, from 6-year-olds through eighth graders, and that they play in a conference with nine total teams.
A change for this year, Courson said, is that on August 2, Little Hornets will be hosting a free camp to let prospective players gauge their interest.
Courson also spoke about changes in focus for the Little Hornets organization, reiterating points that were made when the Little Hornets came to the June meeting of the NCHS Board and made a $1,500 donation.

Chad Courson spoke on behalf of the Little Hornets during a school board meeting on June 25.

“These kids, they work real hard out there,” Courson told the board. “They want to win, we want them to win, but at the end of the day, we want to help to make them productive members of society.”
All of the Little Hornets games will be played on Saturdays or Sundays. An exact schedule isn’t available yet, because not all of the teams in their conference may be able to field teams at all of the age levels that they play at.
Interim Superintendent Thomas Hawkins directed the Courson and the other Little Hornets organizers to utilize NCHS Athletic Director Alicia Heggemeier as their first point of contact, followed by Principal Mark Begando, then new district superintendent Brad Turner.
The Little Hornets were also asked to keep the NCHS Football program and its coaches in the loop as well. This is of particular importance due to the amount of work that has been put into the Hornets football field to put it into better shape physically for the upcoming season.
“I think early and often communication between you guys, the athletic director, and the football program will be for the betterment of the field,” said board member John Hallock. “We want you guys to use the field. But we need to keep the lines of communication open.”

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