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Washington County Fair Track Results

Hot weather and a little bit of rain couldn’t slow down the events on the track at the Washington County Fair this past week. Two tractor pulls, and two demolition derbies filled the grandstands throughout the week. Tuesday night saw the ITPA Tractor Pull. Wednesday night fans enjoyed the first Demolition Derby of fair week. Friday night, locals took to the track for the Washington County Tractor Pull. The final night of fair week saw the second Demolition Derby of the week.

ITPA Tractor Pull

Class: #10,000 Pro Stock: First Place: Chris Schaubert, 312.3. Second Place: Davis Justison, 297.8. Third Place: Ken Couch, 294.1. Fourth Place: Allen LeGrand, 286.1. Fifth Place: Patricia Fuchs, 282.6. Sixth Place: Herb Wilkins, 280.4. Seventh Place: Rodney Schnitker, 175.1
Class: #5500 Classic: First Place Larry Lukow, 227.9. Second Place: Derk Casteel, 225.9. Third Place: Berle Casteel, 223.5. Fourth Place: Jennifer Barker, 221.11. Fifth Place: Luke Casteel, 221.3. Sixth Place: Jerry Bolsen, 220.6. Seventh Place: Robert Love, 214.0. Eighth Place: Greg Griffel, 212.10
Class: #8500 Limited Pro Stock: First Place: Kenny Kozuszek, 302.7. Second Place: Blake Helbig, 301.8. Third Place: Brent Schorfheide, 299.7. Fourth Place: Shawn Meier, 299.4. Fifth Place: Wayne Tedder, 297.10. Sixth Place: Keith Markwardt, 297.1. Seventh Place: Jeff May, 296.1. Eighth Place: 295.10. Ninth Place: Karen Bartling, 290.11. Tenth Place: Mark Forbeck, 279.5.
Class: #9500 Limited Pro Stock. First Place: Bradley Hartman, 327.6. Second Place: Quinton Hartman, 324.10. Third Place: Chris Couch, 317.7. Fourth Place: Brett Hackstadt, 295.1. Fifth Place: Jason Barker, 295.0. Sixth Place: Darin Ratermann, 291.3. Seventh Place: Mike Johannes, 290.6. Eighth Place: Michael Rogier, 289.7. Ninth Place: Larry Steinman, 283.2. Tenth Place: Jerry Barrass, 277.11. 
Class: #9500 Pro Farm: First Place: Kevin Johnson, 311.0. Second Place: Time McVicker, 308.7. Third Place: Adam Winkelman, 306.4. Fourth Place: Mick Gajewski, 302.3. Fifth Place: Josh Cain, 300.10. Sixth Place: Donald Karpel, 283.8. Seventh Place: Tony Isbell, 268.5. Eighth Place: Kevin Lascelles, 18.2

Wednesday Night Demolition Derby

Mini-Car Autocross: First Place: Justin Huelsmann (40H). Second Place: Jeremy Roberts (11X). Third Place: Michael Voss (76X)
Full-Size Autocross: First Place: Ethan Tebbe (11). Second Place: Jeremy Robert (11X). Third Place: Dylan Allscheid (99A).
Stock Mini-Car Derby Class: First Place: Juan Velesquez (44). Second Place: Nathan Meinhard (111). Third Place: Shawn Eubanks (73). Fourth Place: Zach Wreath (32). Fifth Place:  Derek Huelsmann (2H)
Modified Mini-Car Derby Class: First Place: Colton McGuire (48). Second Place: Jeff Santel (51). Third Place: Chris Rakers (21). Fourth Place: Jerry Kunz (33). Fifth Place: Juan Velesquez (44)
Mad Dog Award went to Jeff Stern.

Local Tractor Pull

14000 lb. Class: First Place: Bill Funke, 279.49. Second Place: Jeff May, 278.15. Third Place: Clint Bauza, 266.00. Fourth Place: Shaye Harr, 265.06. Fifth Place: Brent Pinski, 263.89. Sixth Place: Steve Roessenor, 261.27. Seventh Place: Bradley Bowers: 235.57. Eighth Place: Jordan Harre: 234.85. Ninth Place: R.H. Habbe, 209.00
4500 lb. Class: First Place: Jeremy Kwiatkowski, 245.1. Second Place: Nathan Holle, 243.96. Third Place: Julie Waltrip, 238.67. Fourth Place: Jeff Schwab, 236.89. Fifth Place: Glenn Johannes, 224.12. Sixth Place: Devin Holle, 218.88. Seventh Place: Tom Speedie, 205.29. Eighth Place: Kevin Riechmann, 203.47. Ninth Place: Evan Schubert, 202.69. Tenth Place: Dwyane Mullholland, 191.93.
12 MPH Class: First Place: Tony Bussman, 296.82. Second Place: Jason Fuhler, 295.49. Third Place: Esdon Bartling, 295.37. Fourth Place: Davon Stuckemeyer, 294.39. Fifth Place: Derek Ohnesorge, 294.15. Sixth Place: Robert Fuhler, 290.64. Seventh Place: Jason Herrmann, 289.69. Eighth Place: Cody Diekemper, 282.17
5500 lb. Class: First Place: Esdon Bartling, 341.04. Second Place: Gene Fruend, 281.99. Third Place: Logan Riechmann, 270.45 .Fourth Place: Wyatt Kwiatkowski, 260.60. Fifth Place: Tom Speedie, 255.08. Sixth Place: Nathan Holle, 251.66. Seventh Place: Bill Reichmann, 250.48. Eighth Place: Ron Kolweier, 249.11. Ninth Place: Matt Reichmann, 238.21. Tenth Place: Larry Helbig, 234.11.
9250 Hot Farm Class: First Place: Dalton Banach, 288.89. Second Place: Bryan Curruy, 277.09. Third Place: Allen Schaefer, 274.25. Fourth Place: Eric Schaefer, 273.64. Fifth Place: Brandon Busby, 269.07. Sixth Place: Dwayne Bauersachs, 268.73. Seventh Place: Bill Painter, 268.07. Eighth Place: Keith Kliebocker, 267.12. Ninth Place: Gail Herrmann, 267.06. Tenth Place: Dan Boeing, 264.44.
8500 Trucks: First Place: Zach Kabat, 317.39. Second Place: Nick Kurtz, 255.14. Third Place: Craig Finke, 241.09
22000 lb. Class. First Place: Bradley Bowers, 284.28. Second Place: Chandler Witte, 279.88. Third Place: Chase Hagene, 279.10. Fourth Place: Austin Hagene, 277.60. Fifth Place: Reed Riechmann, 276.76
7000 lb. Class: First Place: Ken Borrenpohl, 286.78. Second Place: Kirk Riechmann, 271.77. Third Place: Ellie Bartling, 270.63. Fourth Place: Ron Kolweier, 262.70. Fifth Place: Katie May, 259.42. Sixth Place: Matt Riechmann, 250.71. Seventh Place: Gene Freund, 238.03. Eighth Place: Mike Jacobs, 229.14. Ninth Place: Ryland Helbig, 226.54. Tenth Place: Toby Schaeffer, 210.35.
12000 lb. Class: First Place: Dan Emge, 291.03. Second Place: Jeff May, 287.52. Third Place: Bradley Bowers, 276.99. Fourth Place: Steve Roessener, 273.08. Fifth Place: Jordan Harre, 248.73. Sixth Place: Bill Funke, 268.23. Seventh Place: Brayden Bauza, 262.06
9500 lb. Class: First Place: Wes Fritsche, 250.21. Second Place: Hannah Liske, 236.25. Third Place: Jeff May, 224.94. Fourth Place: Madison Riechmann, 195.26. Fifth Place: Steve Harre, 189.38. Sixth Place, Steve Harre, 174.48
18000 lb. Class: First Place: Chandler Witte, 277.21. Second Place: Reed Reichmann, 276.77. Third Place: Paul Baker, 273.25. Fourth Place: Austin Hagene, 265.78. Fifth Place: Esdon Bartling, 265.73. Sixth Place: Kade Hoffman, 241.87. Seventh Place: Brent Pinski, 204.53. Eighth Place: Ryan Habbe, 195.50. Ninth Place: Danny Droste, 191.60

Saturday Night Demolition Derby

Mini-Car Autocross: First Place: Devin Holle (35). Second Place: Terry Pelczynski Jr. (33). Third Place: Justin Huelsmann (40H)
Full-Size Autocross: First Place: Josh Martin (74). Second Place: Cody Mathis (11). Third Place: Ethan Tebbe (77)
Modified Full Size Class: First Place: Drew Dalman (158). Second Place: Holden Jackson (T24). Third Place: William Juenger (7). Fourth Place: Todd Robinson (37). Fifth Place: James Pockaska (004).
Mini-Car Modified Class: First Place: Zach Wreath (32). Second Place: Colton McGuire (48). Third Place: Marcus Fulton (16). Fourth Place: Brandon Fortag (00). Fifth Place: Jeff Stern (941J)
Full-Size Stock Class: First Place: Trevor Pedtke (23T). Second Place: Terry Pelczynski Jr. (33T). Third Place: Martin Schindler (113). Fourth Place: Terry Pelczynski (33). Fifth Place: Gene Deutschmann (SNC)

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