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New Election Judges Approved, More Still Needed

By Alex Haglund

County Clerk Nancy Heseman gave her regular report to the Washington County Board at their regular July meeting on Tuesday, July 10, when she also presented a list of new election judges to the board for approval.
Heseman presented new election judges to the board, they gave their approval. The judges were already reviewed by the respective parties’ committees. Those judges will need to be approved by the state next.
The appointment of election judges is for two year terms. They are paid a small amount on election day, and must attend training and remain present in their assigned polling places on election days.
Heseman told the board that even with the new judges, the county could still use more.
“How many are you short by?” asked County Board Chair David Meyer.
“We’re short, we’re short,” Heseman answered. “In some places, we’re still short.”
Heseman stated that if there are still Washington County residents who are interested in serving as election judges, they should contact her. The county clerk’s office is located on the first floor of the Washington County Courthouse and can be reached by phone at (618) 327-4800, extension 300.
Heseman also announced to the board that she received a grant that she had applied for from the state board of elections for a little more than $15,000. She had told the board that she was applying for the grant at a previous meeting.

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