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Clinton E. Braly

Clinton E. Braly passed from this life on Sunday, July 15, 2018.

He was 77 years old, soon to have been 78 on October 13.  Clint resided in Nashville, after selling his condominium in Salt Lake City, Utah, in June, 2018. Clint was the second oldest of three sons of Manford and Katherine Braly. They  had been long term residents of Nashville, since 1953.His brother Dr. Jimmy L. Braly preceded him in death in February, 2018, at age 76. Jim had lived in Salt Lake City with Clint for several years. Clint is survived by his older brother Charles, 79, who currently resides  in Nashville.  Clint never married and has no children.

He is survived by his nephew Douglas Braly, son of Charles,  who resides in  Indianapolis, Ind., with his wife Angela. They  have three  children, Tyler Braly (Portland, Ore.) Matthew Braly (New York City, N.Y.) and Rachel Braly (Indianapolis, Ind.).  He also has cousins scattered from Kansas to Washington to Minnesota.

He graduated from Nashville Community High School in 1958  where he participated in all sports and played cornet in band. He then attended the University of Illinois where he  enrolled in Navy  ROTC. After graduation from University of Illinois, Clint joined the US Marine Corps December 1964;  he was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain, in  February 1972. He served 13 months in Vietnam with Marine Recon forces. He was an outstanding officer, having received a Navy Commendation Medal, authorizing him to wear the Combat “V”, along with a Purple Heart.

After his military career ended, Clint explored Europe and Japan and enjoyed skiing the Swiss Alps. He continued his enjoyment of skiing throughout the western United States until his mid 60’s  while living in Salt Lake City.  He taught the rest of  his family how to ski and shared many skiing trips with them. He was a student of the sport, an expert skier himself, and an excellent teacher.

He loved the Ocean and once sailed as crew member to Portugal.  He also helped deliver a barge to Alaska and lived onboard a sailboat in San Diego, Calif.

After his discharge from the Marine Corps, he worked as assistant administrator in a 250 bed nursing home co-owned by his brother Charles in Belleville, and then as Administrator of a similar facility  in Alton. He was a quick learner and paid close attention to the details and responsibilities of his jobs, whatever they were. He was always looking for new challenges and joined brother Charles in Atlanta in the development of  a computer software development and service  business.

He  returned to Nashville,  where he cared for his mother and father for several years before moving to Salt Lake City to work for the Salt Lake City Housing Authority. Clint retired with a lifetime pension from the Salt lake City Housing Authority,  where he held the position of Comptroller.   (Clint had received a degree in Finance from the University of Illinois).

When living in California, he and younger brother Jim,  developed a great friendship, as well as a very strong brotherly attachment. They ran marathons together (Clint ran 19 marathons), they climbed mountains together in California and Mexico.

Eventually, working from Clint’s condo  in Salt Lake City, Clint and Jim  worked for many years writing a movie script together.  The script was never sold to be made into a movie, but they won numerous screen writing awards, which kept them motivated for an extended period. Always seeking improvement, Clint had just submitted a new version of the script to a contest just weeks before his death.

Family members have said of Clint “He was loyal to his family, he put them first always placing himself last in needs.” He “had a positive impact on all the people he came into contact with.”  “His quiet, thoughtful  manner would always amaze me.” “Clint’s impact was uniquely special.  More so than what he would have ever imagined.” ” I have only happy thoughts about all the times Clint and I were together.” “He stuck with difficult tasks and would complete what he started.”

One of his annual fitness reports, while in the Marine Corps, stated “He is an extremely conscientious and self-reliant individual who constantly strives for self-improvement and accomplishes all assignments with less instruction and supervision than is normally required of an officer of his experience.  Lt. Braly has proven very capable of handling jobs of increasing responsibilities and is considered to have the potential for development into a superb officer”.

From  another annual fitness report, “Lt. Braly was perceived in the training environment as an outstanding officer.  He has lived up to every expectation in combat.  He is a superb leader, excellent thinker under stress, shrewd judge of every situation, and possesses great courage. On two occasions he voluntarily remained in a compromised position in order to gain vital information on enemy movements. He inspired his men to superior efforts on patrol. He was an excellent teacher.”

Clint’s failing health and extreme sadness over the loss earlier this year of his best friend and brother, Jim, no doubt, contributed to his demise  Clint will be remembered, but missed, by all of those whose lives he touched throughout his life.

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  1. Anonymous on February 2, 2021 at 3:17 am

    Remember Clint on that yacht that sailed to Portugal, a great guy, Love Geoff & Kate

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