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Melissa Hopfinger Files Suit Against City Of Nashville For Wrongful Termination Due to Violations Of FMLA And Whistleblower Acts

By Alex Haglund

A case was brought against the city of Nashville in federal district court on August 21 by Melissa Hopfinger, the Nashville Police Department’s former administrative assistant, and wife of Greg Hopfinger, who filed suit against the city in February.

Melissa Hopfinger’s suit alleges that the city violated the family and medical leave act, after they had her working from home during her recovery from a hysterectomy in August, 2017, then terminating her employment the day after she returned to work.

Like her husband’s lawsuit, Melissa’s also alleges that her termination was a violation of the whistleblower act.

Greg Hopfinger’s suit stated that Hopfinger had reported that Police Chief Brian Fletcher had:

• Falsified state firearms qualifications records
• Did not pay bills owed by the department, resulting in the city being placed in collection
• Misappropriation of donated funds
• An officer had gotten drunk and passed out in the McDonald’s drive through, the incident was not reported in the LAWMAN system
• Non payment of overtime hours and payment of overtime hours not worked
• Failed to report a high school student robbed at gunpoint
• Assigning officers to assist him with moving furniture, rather than monitoring the elementary school crosswalk
• Attempting to get a ticket dropped for a friend

After relaying his concerns with then-mayor Raymond Kolweier, and council members Josh Fark and Erik Rolf (the current mayor), Hopfinger said that Fletcher told him that he did not trust him.

On August 22, 2017, Fletcher handed Greg Hopfinger a letter stating that his employment was terminated, effective immediately.

Melissa Hopfinger’s suit alleges she was told on August 30 that her position would be eliminated. She too was handed a letter of termination, dated September 1, 2017.

The complete filing from Melissa Hopfinger can be found here: 2018 08 21 melissas complaint

More on Greg Hopfinger’s suit against the city of Nashville, including a link to the full text of his suit, can be found here:

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