The Nashville News Is Seeking An Editor

Dear Readers,

There comes a time in a person’s life, or in this case, in the life of a family, where change is required.

For myself and my family, that time is now, and it is not without some sadness that I have decided to step down as the editor of The Nashville News and seek something entirely new.

Which means that The Nashville News will be seeking a new editor.

Did you like the type of work that I put in, the items I prioritized getting into this paper?

If you would like to insure that this type of coverage goes on in the future, maybe you’re the person for this job.

Did my idea of what makes good news and stories make you crazy?

Do you hate it?

Have I let too many errors slip through for you?

Maybe this is your chance to bring something altogether different to the pages of this paper.

Whatever your reason, if this is a job you think you might want to do, think you could do well at, I would encourage you to get in touch with us and let us know.

Discussing the issue with our owner, Greg Hoskins, he stressed the need for a candidate to have intelligence, motivation, and a heart both open to and present in this community.

Experience with newspapers would help. A degree in journalism, communications, or English would help. Experience with photography or design and desktop publishing would be very, very handy.

There is a learning curve to this sort of thing, particularly if you haven’t worked in newspapers before.

None of these things are, on their own, essential though.

Many skills can be taught, and it’s the qualities that can’t be taught that we’d be most concerned about this candidate having.

Some come on out, report, take photos, write stories, design pages, and help give this community the paper it deserves.

It isn’t easy. Take it from me though, it’s very, very rewarding.

Those interested should send a resume and a writing sample to:

Greg Hoskins, Publisher

The Nashville News

P.O. Box C

Mascoutah, IL 62258

or send an email to

For myself, it has been a far greater honor than I can state, being the editor of your newspaper.

Nashville, thank you for allowing me to be part of this community.


Alex C. Haglund

Managing Editor,

The Nashville News

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