Lincoln Reproduction Portrait Arrives At Washington County Judicial Center

A familiar famous face will now be hung at the Washington County Judicial Center.

Several justices, officeholders and members of the community were present during an unveiling ceremony of a high quality reproduction of President Abraham Lincoln Friday afternoon.

The portrait was donated as part of a joint effort from the Illinois Bar Association, the Illinois Bar Foundation, the Illinois Judges Association, the Illinois Judges Foundation and the Illinois State Historical Society.

The Illinois State Historical Society is leading a campaign across the state to place a framed copy of the picture in each of the 102 counties as a way to commemorate Illinois’ bicentennial anniversary.

The photograph was taken in Springfield by Alexander Hesler, a well-known photographer at the time. The picture was for the 1860 presidential campaign, and many historians consider it to be one of the best taken of Lincoln during his pre-presidential years.  Lincoln himself also reportedly thought highly of the picture, saying it was one of his favorites that had ever been taken of him.


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