Retiring Treasurer Reflects On Nearly 50 Years As A County Employee

When Darlene Ostendorf reflects on her more than four decades as a Washington County employee, she re- marks that the time went by in a hurry.

Ostendorf retired on Fri- day, November 30, as Washington County treasurer, a position she held the last two years. She had worked at the Washington County Courthouse for a combined total of 48 years.

Ostendorf said she started in the supervisor of assessments office in 1970, and she worked there for 10 years before taking a position in the treasurer’s of ce.

Ostendorf said some of her favorite memories in the office were with former Washington County Treasurer Bill Windler, who is still the longest serving treasurer that the county has ever had.

“He was a nice guy,” she said. “I think that is why time flew by so fast. We laughed so much.”
The Washington County Courthouse has undergone several changes in the years since Ostendorf began. She said she remembers when the courthouse hours changed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to their current hours. She also re- members a stricter dress code for the female county employees.

“We all wore dresses back in those days. We never wore slacks,” she said. “I remember the first time that I wore a pant suit. I felt so strange.”

Other changes in the courthouse include the re- model and renovations in the building a few years ago.

“It was remarkable how well that all went,”she said. “I think the courthouse looks really nice now, and the logo on the floor in the lobby is one of my favor- ites.”

Perhaps the biggest changes over the years, Ostendorf said, has been keeping up with the changes in technology.

Ostendorf said she feels grateful for the people who have helped her in the treasurer’s office the last few years.

“I am blessed with a good office staff with full-time employees Natalie Lynch and Christine Bevil,” she said. “And also the part time employees Barbara Reidelberger and Rhonda Bunnage.”

Ostendorf said she plans to work a day or two each week to help the office through the current busy season. Afterward, she plans on enjoying her retirement with reading, volunteering and other activities to keep her busy.

“I’m going to miss seeing my coworkers and seeing the people I’ve gotten to know throughout the years,” she said.

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