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History Of The Hornets Celebrated At Assembly Hall

On January 25, the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association recognized the Nashville Hornets basketball program for having over 1,500 wins.

The Nashville Hornets basketball program has had a lot of success over the years. The Hornets began the basketball program in 1907-08. Since that time, the Nashville Hornets have won 1,759 games 19 regional championships, have been to the State Tournament eight times, which included a fourth place finish (1949), a second place finish (2014), and the 1978 Class 1A State Championship.

The Hornets have a winning percentage of 64% in their history. Nashville is one of the top 15 winningest programs in the state of Illinois.

Nashville also had had a number of IBCA Hall of Fame Coaches at the helm. George Havens, Bob Bogle, Gene Gourley, Darin Lee, Brad Weathers, and Wayne Harre are all members of the IBCA Hall of Fame.

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