Letters To The Editor: Basic Facts on the Illegal Immigration Crisis

Illegal aliens are breaking our border laws, which are under federal jurisdiction. Many want to bring their dreams of Socialism into our country–many have no intention of assimilating into our country. Many elected officials are lawbreakers, enabling and abetting illegal aliens–even though they took an oath to uphold and defend the laws. Not enforcing our borders has made our country an open door to drug smugglers, slave traffickers and other criminals, and terrorists; as well as many with tuberculosis, head lice , and other infectious diseases.

Illegal aliens cost taxpayers over $100 Billion a year. They might pay taxes, but they cost states seven times more than they pay because they receive so many benefits for which they don’t pay. In addition, many send nearly 20% of their income to their home nation. Citizenship used to require fluency in the English language…and both used to be requirements for getting an election ballot. Now there are Federal civil rights laws mandating language assistance in at least 15 language groups. Assistance includes interpreters, written information, translators, or other services.

Most talked-about social ills in our country can be greatly overcome (and the fraud, waste, and abuse greatly eliminated), by electing, and praying for, Godly persons to rule over us. Also helpful would be to know our Christian heritage, our Constitution and its first ten amendments (Bill of Rights); and God’s moral code for people that He gave to Moses, called the Ten Commandments.

Leviticus 19:33-34. (King James Bible and ESV)

God explains how the Jewish people were to deal with sojourners (travelers on a brief, temporary stay) who passed through their land and had no rights of citizenship. As they traveled, sojourners were to be treated with friendly kindness and hospitality.

God will not bless a nation that does not first acknowledge and bless Him.

Joan Cobb


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