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City OKs Demolition Bids For Bryan Street Mobile Home

After the city received no bids for a mobile home, the Nashville City County agreed on Thursday, March 7, to begin accepting demolition bids for the property.

While the approval is the next logical step in the process is removal, any interested person can make an offer on the home – even at a heavily discounted rate.

The city acquired the home at 193 N. Bryan Street for its lift station work. The city of Nashville went out for bids in February and then extended the initial deadline until March 6.

“We had extended at the last meeting to this meeting,” Mayor Erik Rolf said. “We did not receive any interest in the building.”

According to the online realtor site,, the 193 N. Bryan St. home is a single family home that is 960 square feet with three bedrooms and one bathroom.

During the discussion, a couple of council members expressed their regret about not finding an interested buyer in the home. Utilities Supervisor Blaine Middleton said the mobile home, which was built in 1970, requires special circumstances in order for it to be moved. He said because it is placed on a wooden frame, the home would need to be split during the move.

He estimated the cost to being about $10,000.

Councilman Josh Fark asked if the city would be willing to work with anyone who may be interested in the property.

“If it costs $5,000 to tear it down, and someone offered to split the cost that it would take with the move,” Fark said.

Rolf said he agrees with the idea, especially since the city may receive bids up to $10,000 for the home’s demolition. He said if any interested party would only need to make an offer, even a nominal one.

“If someone were to come to us between now and the time,” the city receives bids, Rolf said. “Bring a dollar. Technically by law a penny. Anything that shows a transaction.”

Those interested in viewing the property can contact Rolf at city hall.

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