Nurse Steps Down From Friendship Manor After 49 Years

A retirement party was held at Friendship Manor in Nashville on Thursday, March 28, as longtime nurse Carol Dycus had her last shift as a full-time employee at the nursing home.

Dycus retires after spending the last 49 years at the nursing home, working in the 500 wing of the facility. She first came aboard as a CNA while she attended Nashville Community High School. Her mother also worked there for a number of years, starting with the facility first opened in 1964.

“I am so thankful,” she said of the send off.

Dycus said she has many memories at Friendship Manor, and one sticks out in her mind is when an administrative decision nearly 25 years ago would have reassigned her to another wing. The practice is not uncommon; however, the reaction was rare.

“I had been working on 500 hall for 15 years prior to the change,” she said. “After three days, residents found out why I wasn’t on 500, so they all signed a petition to try to get me back.”

The petition worked, and Dycus was reassigned back to the 500.

There was a potluck lunch and gifts as well as many well wishes and a few tears as fellow coworkers came by to usher in their congrats to Dycus on the next chapter.

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