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City Hears About Hazardous Ditch On High Street

Kozuszek, Kellerman Honored For Years Of Service On Council

By Leah Williams

The Nashville City Council heard about possible solutions for a hazardous ditch located within the city limits during the city council meeting on Thursday, April 18.

Streets Superintendent Rich Schuette brought up the topic, saying that he believed that it would be in the city’s best interest to act on the ditch on High Street, near Kaskaskia Street. The six-foot ditch has a 48-inch culvert on the east end.

In addition to erosion and occasional draining issues, Schuette said he believes there is potential for future problems if the city does not act.

“To me,  and my opinion as street superintdent, it’s a hazard for the people in that area, for the people who travel that way,” Schuette said. “It’s a liability for the city. When I did this, I only say what I feel is in the best interest in the city. I would really like to see it taken care of.”

Schuette said he has figures from February 2018, which estimates the cost to be more than $10,000. He said the work could be completed in-house. He added that the High Street ditch reminded him of a previous hazardous case that was handled by the city.

“When I first took the superintendent’s job, there was a area down on north Bryan st by the fuel station,” Schuette said. “It always bothered me. I pushed to get that where we could widen the street and we could get the two lanes. That was def a hazard We fixed that one and I would just like to see this one fixed too.”

The council instructed Schuette to receive updated numbers as well as the cost to rip rap the area and bring the updates to a future meeting.

Police Department

The city council was informed that the police department had received its new Ford sedan squad car. It then approved the purchase of an in-car video surveillance up to $5,000, which would be paid out of the DUI fund. An AED for the squad car was also approved out of the DUI fund.

In other police news, councilman Josh Fark suggested the city look into adopting an ordinance allowing for ATVs to be driven throughout the city limits. The permits would be issued similarly to the golf cart permits. Mayor Erik Rolf said the issue will be discussed at a later city council meeting.

Water and Sewer

The council approved the purchase of a lagoon aerator from Municipal Equipment for $10,950. The city had been buying an aerator annually for the last nine years, with two more needing to be replaced. Utilities Supervisor Blaine Middleton said the city has yet to have any issues with the previous purchases.

In Other News

Fark also reminded residents that with the spring weather comes the reminder of proper lawn maintenance and responsibility. The city will be monitoring proper protocol and properties that are found in violation will receive notice.

The city honored retiring council members for their years of service. Dennis Kellerman was given a plaque for his four years as a council member. Terry Kozuszek, who was absent, also received a plaque for his 18 years on the council.

A $100 donation to the Ladies Golf Tournament in June was approved.

The next city council meeting is May 2.

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