Mosquito Awareness Materials To Be Distributed Throughout City

The city will be distributing materials informing its citizens about the hazards of standing water and the breeding of mosquitoes, the council learned at its meeting on Thursday, May 16.

After considering the cost of distributing a mailer throughout the city, the council authorized the use of employees to hand deliver the information brochure door-to-door during the coming week.

“Straight on the door is probably the most effective route,” councilman Doug Hargan said.

The wet spring this year has the potential to create several breeding grounds for the mosquitoes this summer. The brochure will include helpful tips to curb the pesky populations from becoming a bigger problem as the temperatures begin to rise.

Public Comments

The council heard from a few citizens who had concerns and requests to bring before the aldermen. Diane Prost informed that a guided walk event is planned for Nashville on Aug. 17 at 9 a.m., where approximately 50 people will be visiting the city for the walking event.

Joe Lamb spoke about the gang stalking and the need for legislation to address the use of “covert electronic harassment and torture technology.” He said the community should find out how the surveillance is being funded and action needs to be taken.

Joshua D. Brandon said he works for Nascote and would like to see more convenient fast food restaurants in the northern section of the city. He said the increase in businesses would benefit other workers in the area as well as traffic from the interstate. “Is this city going to grow over the next 100 years or is it going to stay the same?” he asked.

Other Items

The council approved to permit Streets Supervisor Rich Schuette to purchase up to $1,000 for landscaping costs around city hall.

Beginning Tuesday, May 28, the Streets and Utilities departments will begin operating on summer hours, 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The city authorized the first payment of the water towers, an amount totaling $7,820.

The Utilities department received authorization to hire summer help.

The council approved a three-contract with its auditing firm.

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