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NCHS Board Passes Amended Budget For 2018-19 Fiscal Year

By Leah Williams

The Nashville Community High School Board passed its amended budget for the 2019 fiscal year during its regular meeting on Monday, June 24.

During a public hearing, Superintendent Brad Turner laid down the ending balanced on several of the district accounts. Turner said the year showed an approximate 5.5 percent increase in revenue, while expenditures came in under what had been previously budgeted.

Turner said the overall general fund came in $171,000 in the positive. Further breakdown numbers revealed the operations and maintenance fund at $10,000 shortfall, but considering the $20,000 spent on a new scoreboard that will be paid back into the fund, the overall budget should be approximately $11,000 in the black.

The transportation fund was shown to be in the red by more than $108,000, including the midbus purchase and four payment reimbursements from the state. Turner explained that the figure is expected to end at an approximately $60,000 shortfall.

The Health Life Safety fund was short by just under $22,000.

“Most of that is paying architect fees and start up for our track and our roof,” Turner said.

In other school board news, Principal Mark Begando revealed that a freshman academy program will be implemented to help the newest students get better acclimated to NCHS. Begando said senior mentors will be paired with members of the incoming freshmen class to help them with active learning, learn the rules at the school and figure out how they can get more involved on campus, among other things.

“These are the things that we feel like the freshmen coming in will really get a piece of it,” Begando said. “They won’t be walking in here afraid or worried and kind of put out when they walk down the main hallway and see all of these big seniors coming at them. I feel like this is going to be a good step in the right direction.”

Other Items

The next school year calendar was adjusted to include two more teacher institute days.

Humphrey Photography was approved for a five-year contract renewal at the same rate as last year for yearbook pictures.

The board approved several purchases, including a new steam table at $4,600, replacing the old unit that was believed to have been a part of the original 1976 equipment. Other purchases were 30 student desks at about $7,000 and new office furniture at $3,300.

Erica Patton resigned as the senior class sponsor, and Jennifer Maschhoff was approved as the new sponsor.

Patricia Heiman was approved as a new hire for the Academic Enrichment Program.

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