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Nashville Jr. Golf Tournament Held At Nashville Municipal Golf Course

Nashville Municipal Golf Course was a busy place on July 11 as the course was taken over by the Nashville Jr. Golf Tournament  47 golfers competed in the tournament in different age groups.

Golfers 14-18 golfed 18 holes. Golfers between the ages of 10-13 played nine holes. Golfers below the age of 10 played five holes.

Boys 16-18

Kaijun MA from Chicago and Carter Goebel dominated the action both shooting a 71, which was one shot under par. It would go to a playoff hole, where Ma took the win.

Girls 16-18

Erin Klasing of Okawville finished with the top score of 80, ten strokes ahead of second place Olivia Quigley of Marissa.

Boys 14-15

Nashville’s Aaron Brink finished one stroke ahead of Carlyle’s Zander Brueggemann to take the win. Brink finished with a score of 83 on the day.

Girls 14-15

Kenzie Anderson of Salem, ran away with the win with a score of 81. Nashville’s Ryan Stiegman was second with a score of 97.

Boys 12-13

There was another tie in this age group as Josiah Jones, and River Stilley each finished with a score of 42 after nine holes. Jones is from Sparta, and Stilley is from Benton. Jones would win in a playoff hole.

Girls 12-13

There was only two golfers in this age group. Camryn Luthy of Chester took the win with a score of 51. Zoe Lopez of Nashville was second with a score of 70.

Boys 10-11

Bennett Moss of Breese just edged Miles Taylor of Nashville to take the win in the boys 10-11 age group. Moss finished with a 53. Taylor finished with a score of 56.

Girls 10-11

Brynn Stiegman of Nashville shot a 66 to take the win. Arabella Alfeldt of Oakdale finished second with a 70.

Boys 8-9

John Barr of Highland finished with a score of 26 through five holes. Brant Horstmann of Damiansville was second with a score of 32.

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