City Purchases Recycling Trailer

By Leah Williams

The Nashville City Council purchased a recycling trailer at its meeting on Thursday, September 5, making the ability for residents to use the service occur sooner than expected.

City Streets Supervisor Logan Gill said he had been approached by a company that sells recycling trailers. The tandem trailer is expected to be in service between four and six weeks, Gill said.

City recycling services had been suspended in August after a liability issue with the county truck stopped the city from offering its services until a new alternative could be discovered.

The city had been looking to purchase its own truck but it was estimated that it could take up to 90 days to be implemented.

Councilman Josh Fark said an annual fee will be in place for in-county residents who wish to use the city’s recycling service.

Also during the meeting, the council approved the reappointment of Denny Hoffman to the Planning Commission.

A resolution was passed to close Illinois routes 15 and 127 for the Nashville Community High School Homecoming Parade. The road closure will be from 12:45 to 2:30 p.m. on Friday, October 11.

A couple of the roads will be closed again for a Christmas tree lighting ceremony from North East Court Street to near where the city hall has its parking lot. The event will occur this December, and Mayor Erik Rolf said there will several other happenings to occur that day for the second annual lighting event.

The council approved a $250 sponsorship for the Community Center of Nashville’s upcoming event.

A fifth payment was issued to Epco for work completed on the city’s water tower repainting projects. Currently the Enterprise Zone tower is being painted.

The council learned that that the Nashville Public Library is in need of a new microfilm reader, and there are attempts to acquire the funds to replace the equipment through grant money.

Mayor Rolf reiterated that the city will soon be cracking down on ordinance violations for residents who do not keep up with their lawn care. He said “hefty fines” will be imposed on individuals when the city is dispatched to mow the yards.

During the public comments, Vickie Barczewski issued an objection that city attorney Bill DeMoss should not have his position, and that she believes the position should be elected and not appointed.

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