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County Board Approves To Go For ‘Emergency’ Bids For Jail

By Leah Williams

The Washington County Board agreed to seek out “emergency situation” bids for HVAC work to be completed at the county jail.

The board met for its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 10. Board Gary Suedmeyer informed the body that the finance committee had been discussing problems that the Washington County Jail has been having with the HVAC system on the administrative side of the building.

“We are told that it will not function this fall,” Suedemeyer said.

Suedmeyer said with colder weather approaching, there is concern that the needed repairs are going to be sooner rather than later. He also requested that the board declare the purchase is for an emergency situation. The county board approved the bids to not exceed $75,000, but Suedemeyer said the finance committee is in hopes that the winning amount will be under budget.

“It is going to be fairly expensive because it is a fairly large area,” Suedmeyer said.

Also at the meeting, County Clerk and Recorder Nancy Heseman and County Treasurer Natalie Lynch reminded the board and the departments that the preliminary budget requests would need to be submitted.

Lynch also discussed new audit requirements that would require additional information from some county departments. She explained that she is planning on investigating which offices would be affected and what information would be needed. She said that the process would help make things more transparent.

“In that essence, I really need the sheriff’s office to get on board in that respect,” she said. “If we are not all on the same page with some of this stuff, we could have the potential to lose funding, grant funding especially.”

The county board had previously passed a resolution that would give Lynch access and authority over bank accounts, but Lynch said she can only account for budget items that she is aware of.

“It is surely not getting reported into a computer if I don’t have any idea of what kind of revenue and what kind of expense that they have,” Lynch said.

In other county board news, the board learned that the courthouse had been without its phone and internet for most of the day Monday, September 9. It was determined that it was because of a generator failure.

The board held a moment of silence in memory of Michael A. Todd and Rosemary Guinzy.

The board approved three culvert replacement projects in Johannisburg Road District. The culverts are located on Sunflower Road.

Board Chairman David Meyer said further information on recycling for in-county residents will be forthcoming. The city of Nashville had recently purchased a tandem recycling trailer after liability issues ceased co-operations with the city recycling truck.

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