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See You At The Pole Wed, Sept 25

See You At The Pole

See You At The Pole

By now, you may have observed “See you at the Pole” signs located in front of Nashville Schools.  It is an annual international event with over two million students participating on the last Wednesday of September.  Its roots go back to 1990 with a small group of high school students in Burelson, Texas.  For the last few years Nashville’s Christian Community, led by Nashville High School Students, have joined the event, with each year the number of students increasing.

NCHS Students are invited to assemble at the flag pole on Wednesday, September 25 at 7:30 am;  Nashville Grade School at 7:40 am;  TSJ at 7:30 am; St Ann’s School at 8:00 am.  It is a short 30 minutes to allow our Washington County Youth to demonstrate the deeply important Christian faith of our communities.  It allows students to offer prayer for classmates, teachers, leaders, community, family, nation, soldiers serving our our country, etc.

To be more successful, first and most important—we hope the students want to participate.  Second, the parents need to encourage their children to participate.

And third, school administrators and staff need to suspend all extracurricular activities scheduled that morning and encourage students to rally around the flag pole.  It is always good to see some teachers wanting to participate, as well.

Last year the high school number was in the mid-thirties.  With each year, the prayer is for 100 percent participation!  You can google “See You at the Pole” for more information.

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