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City Council Discusses ATV, UTV Possibility To Begin Next Spring

By Leah Williams

The Nashville City Council finished its last meeting for the year on Thursday, December 19, discussing the possibilities of allowing ATVs and UTVs on its city streets in the coming months.

For the second meeting in a row, councilman Shawn Kabat brought up the issue. Kabat said he wanted to know what would be the next step and also what the other council members’ wishes in permitting the vehicles within the city.

“I know there are a lot of anxious people out there,” Kabat said. “And I don’t want them to become surprised come March and see that there are a dozen things that they have to do.”

Councilman Josh Fark said he would like the permit fee to be raised from $35 to $50.

“I think people will be more than willing to pay that,” Fark said.

Councilman Doug Hargan said he agrees as long as the price remains the same for all vehicles, including golf carts.

The guidelines to become street legal, police chief Brian Fletcher said, is based on what the council wishes to enact. The policies vary from city to city, depending on how each ordinance was drafted.

City attorney Bill DeMoss said that now he has heard some of the council’s preferences, he will begin working on drafting an ordinance that will be up for vote at a future meeting.

In other news, the council approved an ordinance regarding the tax levy for the upcoming year.

Kelly Sheridan was appointed as the chairman of the collective bargaining committee.

Mayor Rolf oversaw his last meeting leading the city.

The canine report for October and November stated that the dog was deployed at four times, two by the Nashville Police Department and one by the state police. The searches found cannabis as well as methamphetamine and other drug paraphernalia.

Sheridan also said Blaze continues to perform well and has completed other training areas.

“The canine officer and dog are working well,” Sheridan said.

Two employees at the streets department  – Cody Moore and Chad Mollock – were approved for level up raises.

Recycling schedule for the holidays will be as follows. The site is to be closed Christmas and New Year’s Day. The compost site closes from January to March, so recycling will only be available at the streets department during its usual Wednesday hours.

Also for Christmas and New Year’s Day, trash pickup for the city will be held a day early for those who typically get their garbage picked up early in the week. Tuesday pickup will be Monday, and Wednesday will be Tuesday. Thursday customers will have their trash picked up on their usual day.

The city agreed to a Nascote utility agreement to adjust its facility rates for the next four years. The original agreement with Nascote dates back to 1993.

The council approved the purchase of a Ricoh copy machine. Kabat said the city hall is due to be replaced. The price for the new machine is for $4,145.

Members present at the meeting were Kelly Sheridan, Shawn Kabat, Doug Hargan, Josh Fark and Susan Finke.

Members of the council also said they wanted to express their hopes for a merry Christmas and happy new year this coming year to the citizens.

The first council meeting of 2020 will be held on January 2.

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