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Cat’s Corner

Washington County Animal Control Deb Hagopian cuddles up next to a cat at the shelter.


PLEASE NOTE. WASHINGTON COUNTY ANIMAL CONTROL IS A KILL SHELTER!!! PLEASE COME AND LOOK AT ALL THE AVAILABLE ANIMALS! THERE ARE ONLY ABOUT 7 CAGES FOR CATS. THEY HAVE A MUCH MORE LIMITED TIME AND SPACE THAN DOGS. In general, as we understand it, Wash. Co. Animal Control, in order to free up space, cannot (by State law), take cats/kittens to farms anymore without them first being spayed/neutered. Therefore, as the 7 or so cat cages at Animal Control fill up, some will have to be euthanized to make room when more come in. :'( The feral, wild, old and the sick will be put down first. They will keep the spayed, neutered, younger cats, de-clawed cats and the friendly cats longer, as room dictates.

The following cats are featured on the Washington County Partners for Pets Facebook page, where you can also find more adoptable pets.

MEET TIGGER! Male kitten
Sweet; approximately 6 months old


MEET SAMMY! Young male tabby
Very friendly; approximately 5-6 mths old


MEET DUCHESS! Female adult Very sweet and talkative


This sweet female Sylvia is still looking for a good home! Approx. 2 yrs. old


MEET GRACIE! Female tabby She’s very sweet; would make a great lap cat

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