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Kolweier Rejoins City Council

City Attorney Bill DeMoss, left, swears in Raymond Kolweier as the newest city council alderman on Thursday, January 2, during the first council meeting of 2020.

By Leah Williams

A familiar face is now gracing the city council chambers, as former longtime Mayor Raymond Kolweier was sworn-in on Thursday, January 2, as the newest city council member.

Kolweier was appointed by a unanimous vote after a seat was left vacant by Acting Mayor Josh Fark. Fark was set in the mayoral seat after the official resignation of Mayor Erik Rolf, which was submitted to the council in writing last month.

His last effective day leading the city of Nashville was Jan. 1.

Kolweier retired in 2017 after serving 44 years for the city of Nashville. He spent 20 years as a city councilman and 24 as the city’s mayor.

Kolweier takes the seat that was previously held by Fark.

As he was taking his trek to his new governmental seat, Kolweier was asked by his fellow aldermen when was the last time he was a councilman, to which Kolweier replied that it was }1992 or 1993.”

As acting mayor, Fark also appointed Kolweier to be mayor pro-tiem.

In other council news, additional discussion was held on whether the city will permit the use of ATVs and UTVs this upcoming spring. Police Chief Brian Fletcher said owners of the vehicles may be subject to additional penalties if their vehicle is pulled over for a traffic violation and another person was driving at the tine of the infraction. Those penalties could include suspension.

“It’s their machine,” Fletcher said. “They signed the waiver, and they are responsible for that machine regardless of who is operating it.”

A vote on a possible ordinance is expected at a future council meeting. Permits for those vehicles and golf carts have been discussed to be $50.

The December recycling report included 142 residents who used the services, and there were 6,621 pounds, or 3.31 tons. It is slightly down, due likely to the holiday closure. The city compost site is now closed until the first Saturday in April.

The next meeting is January 16.

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