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City Purchases More Water Meters

By Leah Williams

The Nashville City Council continued to update its water meter system at the regular meeting on Thursday, February 6, with the approval of an additional 104 meters for the city.

Alderman and Water and Sewer Committee Chair Josh Fark said the purchases were needed to update the city’s antiquated water meter system.

“We had a lot of old meters out there, and this was recommended to us by our city engineers,” Fark said.

Utility Supervisor Blaine Middleton said since the city has been switching out the old equipment last fall, there has been a significant amount of water retained. He said three months after, the city was losing 19.4 percent of its water.

“Now in the months that we have changed them, we are down to 13.6 (percent),” Middleton said.

The purchase amount was for the meters and the lid adapters came to $15,288.

In other city council news, the annual motor fuel tax resolution was approved in the amount of $154,418. The resolution is for all materials needed for the year beginning May 1 and ending on April 30, 2021. It is now sent to the Illinois Department of Transportation for approval.

Dana Haertling was appointed to a full term on the Nashville Public Library board.

The recycling report for January included 132 citizens who used the service. Approximately 7,880 pounds, or 3.94 tons, were collected during the month.

Mayor Raymond Kolweier mentioned to the council that the city will need to discuss necessary improvements to the utility poles around the Washington County Courthouse at a future date. The updates will be required before events like the Nashville Fall Festival are to occur.

The city agreed to donate $250 to the Nashville Community High School post prom program.

The next city council meeting is Thursday, February 20, at 7 p.m.

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