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Tell Me Something Good: Hanke Family Adoption Becomes Official

Hanke family adoption photo

By Leah Williams

A picture may be worth more than a thousand words but it only took five in all caps and three exclamation points in a caption to express the emotion in this one photo.


Tim and Chelsey Hanke posted that they decided to take to social media and document their hopes in become adoptive parents. Just six months later that wish to make their family complete became a legal reality.

Back in September, the Hankes told the Nashville News about their remarkable journey to adopt: the dead ends, the misleads, the near misses. Even through the heartbreak, Chelsey Hanke said they knew that it would happen one day. “They always say that your baby is out there,” she posted to Facebook after a birth mother decided to keepr her son.

On March 12, Tim and Chelsey Hanke became the legal guardians to Rylan Jane, who was born on Aug. 21, and her birth mother had read about the Hanke’s journey on social media and wanted the baby girl to go to a loving family.

Named after loved ones, Rylan Jane is now six months old and her parents described the adoption day as “the second best day of their lives.”

There is so much joy in this picture, and talking with  them last fall you can hear the warmth and love that they have for their little girl.

“She was worth it,” Chelsey said last fall. “Every moment just to get

Tim posted in the comments in our Facebook page, thanking everyone for their support in this “amazing journey.”

“It truly took a village,” he said.

Congratulations, Hanke family, on this momentous day.

Here is a link to the original story.

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