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It Happened Here – March 25, 2020

Eighty-Five Years Ago


An old man, almost blind, wearing ragged clothes, was arrested for bagrancy in Irvington. When authorities investigated, they found him to be John LeLeur, a native of Marshall County in Illinois. His assets were believed to be worth $40,000 to $50,000. That amount would have been about a million dollars today.

John Reinhardt, Alverna Shubert and Mildred Shubert were among the lead players in “Look Out Lizzie” to be presented by Elkton Community Club.

The market report had wheat at 83 cents per bushel and cattle at $3.75 to $12.50 per 100 pounds.

H. Alan Padfield, 34, of Nashville was killed when he was crushed by falling dirt while working on a bridge north of Elkendier School.

Other death: Mrs. J.J. Poole of Richview.

Eighty Years Ago


A state senator from Arkansas was lodged in the Washington County Jail overnight on a charge of driving an automobile while intoxicated.

Kroger advertised Easter hams at 20 cents a pound and beef roast at 18 1/2 cents per pound.

Deaths: Carolina (Weihe) Koelling of Hoyleton; Mrs. Julius Going of Venedy; and Mary Prue- hsner of New Minden.

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Edward Lorenz, Oscar Rinne and W.G. Kalbfleisch were re-elected directors of the Trust Building and Loan Association.

Velva Law was elected president of the Business and Professional Woman’s Club of Nashville.

Ida Rohloff, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Rohloff of Nashville, joined the WACS.

Mrs. Harry Homburg received word that her brother, Pvt. Donald Walker of Marissa, was wounded in Luxembourg.

Sgt. Carle Rohde participated in two parachute attacks on Corregidor in the Philippines.

Albert Hale and Sonny Seyler, both in the submarine service, met in the South Pacific.

Deaths: Emma Schlueter, a native of Nashville; Mrs. H.C. Mey- er of Okawville; Rose Cesielski; William Eggert of Nashville; Alex Rohde; Rev. C.E. Miche; Mrs. Charles Lietz, formerly of Okawville; August Seibert of Ashley; and Bruno Shubert of Elkton.

Seventy Years Ago


Virgil Wheeles of Ashley was named superintendent of Jackson County Schools in Murphysboro.

Alan Brandt was named most valuable player ont he high school basketball team by the local newspaper. Others receiving squad letters were: Leroy Fark, Kenneth May, James Hanenberger, Fred Niedermeyer, William Vogt, John Hines, Harold Reuter and Vernon Sprehe. Cheerleaders were: Joycelyn Wisley, Charlotte Woodside, Helen Hines and Joyce Berry.

Daniel Food Stores advertised a large package of Duz, Dret, Tide or Oxydol for 25 cents. Three medum bars of Ivory soap were 23 cents.

Rose Marie Holston of Nashville accepted a position as director of the Occupational Therapy Department of the Arkansas Association for the crippled in Little Rock.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Four candiates, Raymond Pitchford, Charles Briner, Dr. Fred Schroeder and Stanley Coulter of Oakdale, were announced for three positions on the Nashville Commu- nity High School Board.

Merchandise valued at several hundred dollars was stolen from Riechmann’s garage in Okawville. Included were 25 new tires.

Donald Dingwerth of Okawville was named to the Illinois All-State basketball team.

Deaths: Mrs. William Hoffman of Nashville; Richard Muennig of Nashville; Henry Schmersahl of Lively Grove; Augusta Duecker, formerly of Hoyleton; Dr. William Lane, a native of Nashville; and Claude Stelzreide, 36, of Ashley.

Sixty Years Ago


Nashville Floor Covering was the low bidder at $67,485 for a third addition to Nashville Grade School.

Jim Hunter announced the sale of his D-X service station to Ted Ibendahl of Hoyleton.

Gary Coulter of Irvington was named one of three national winners in an essay writing contest on thrift.

Kuhlman’s IGA advertised a box of table salt for 10 cents a 16-ounc jar of pure honey for 39 cents.

An L and N railroad engineer was killed in a collision of two freight trains in Addieville.

Other deaths: Caroline Haake of Nashville; Lottie Wisniewski of Du Bois; Dean Haier, 24, a native of Okawville; Louis Backs of Cov- ington; Ivan Corr of Todds Mill; William Carr of Oakdale; and Lud-wig Knaust, formerly of Okawville.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


Fred Brammeier, a resident of Friendship Manor Nursing Home in Nashville, observed his 95th birthday.

Emma Niermann of Hoyleton celebrated her 90th birthday.

Deaths: Pearl Darter, 80, of Nashville; Erwin William Kraus, 63; Anna Herzog, 74, of Centralia; Mrs. Louis Hansen, a native of New Min- den; Mrs. Richard Hollander, 31, of Boulder, CO; Sanyek McCloy, 84, of Hemet, CA; Zebedee Rice, 80, of Du Quoin; and Emma Moehlenkamp of Mascoutah.

Fifty Years Ago


Irene Going and Kenneth McK- inzie were winners in the primary eleciton. Going ran for county treasurer and McKinzie for super- intendent of the Educational Service Region. Nominated without opposi- tion were Virgil May for county clerk and Thomas Hale for sheriff.

Elmer Diedrich, Arthur Shubert and Nelso Ibendahl were reappoint- ed to the Board of Directors of the Washington County Hospital. An election of officers was held. El- mert Diedrich was re-elected chair- man; LaVern Meyer first vice-chair- man; Gertrude Hogshead, second vice-chairman; John Barr, treasurer; and Arthur Shubert, secretary. Charles Longwell Jr. received loans and recommendations to medical school.

The Okawville Rockets were

scheduled to play Joliet Central at Champaign in the state basketball tournament after beating Nashville, 55-51, the Sectional and the Mt. Vernon Rams, 66-64, the Super-Sec- tional at Carbondale.

Shirly Schwartzkopf became the Men’s Residence Hall Association St. Patrick’s Day queen candidate at the University of Missouri-Rolla.

Champion Showbiz Mister, a Boston terrier owned by Ben Thompson and Jeanne Thompson, won best in show at the Boston Terrier Club in Louisville, KY.

Deaths: Rev. Melville Carson, 79, of Beaver Falls, PA; Alma Jasper, 67, resident of Washington Coun- ty; Charles Gewe, 55, a native of Nashville; Theresa Smugala, 71, of Du Bois; Clara Martin, 90, of Beau- coup; Herbert Hudson; and Danny Clarkson, five-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Clarkson.

Forty-Five Years Ago


Jerry King of Nashville purchased the Breese Nursing Home.

Mary Kurwicki opened the Ten Four Restaurant and Lounge in Nashville, formerly Jankowski’s Restaurant.

Mr. and Mrs. Beauford Adams of Addieville contracted for the sale of The Lark tavern and restaurant in Addieville to Mr. and Mrs. John Matecki of Nashvill.e

The bodies of two Okawville women, Vera Hanke, 45, and La- verne Hish, 49, were recovered from a car submerged in the backwater of the Kaskaskia River on Route 177.

Other deaths: Mrs. Elmer Toedte of Belleville; Frances Obremski, 80, of Nashville; Harold Vernor, 83, of Wood River; V.S. “Mark” McCoy, 67, of Centralia; and Rosie Broviak, 70, of Mt. Vernon.

Forty Years Ago


The Edward Peithman farm, south of Hoyleton, was sold for a total price of $758, 131.

A referendum to increase the Washington County highway tax 2.6 cents per $100 assessed valuation was defeated, 2,577 to 1,083.

Deaths: John “Jack” Engelman Jr., 63, of Nashville; John Baim, 75, of Mt. Vernon; Norma Eade, 42, formerly of Nashville; Theodore Wisniewski, 86, of Radom; Rev. Gail Hines, 75, of Kinmundy; Ben- jamin Terepka; Elmer Wiese, 71, of Nashville; Rudolph Chesney, 71, of Breese; Dale Houser, 28, of St. Louis; Mary Grzegorek, 90, formerly of Nashville; Urban Luebbers, 75, of St. Libory; Milburn Wiese, 77, of Waterloo; and George Landers, 79, of Nashville.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


Ashley requested a $20,000 development grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs.

Ziegler Flowers opened in the Gutzler Furniture building in Nash- ville.

Jimmy Ray Nash, 36, of Mur- physboro died in a two-car collision on Route 127.

Other deaths: Charles Prange, 56, formerly of Nashville; Rosalie Henley, 79, formerly of Nashville; Lenora Means, 62, of Carlyle; Orville Maschhoff, 64, of New Minden; Em- lyn Golliher, 67, a native of Ashley; Dorothy Engle, 67, of Belleville; Ida Rohe, 89, of Nashville; Harold Kroeger, 70, a native of Nashville; Janel Rabe, 23-month-old daughter of Ralph and Renda Rabe of Coul- terville; and Hattie Humphries, 84, of Du Quoin.

Thirty Years Ago


Democrat John Mierkowski and Republican Harry Jankowski were winners in the Primary election for county sheriff. Rhonda Reuter, a Republican, was top vote getter in the Primary race for county clerk. Democrat Thomas Ganz was un- opposed on the Democrat ticket.

Elmer Oelze Jr. of Nashville was named Wildcatter of the Year by the Illinois Coal and Gas Association.

Deaths: Shirley Brehm, 58, in Kirkwood, MO; Leo Lake, 81, of Belleville; Thomas Rench, 70, of Rosewood Heights; William Borg- mann, 70, of Okawville; Magdelana Kopicenski, 94, of Mulkeytown; John Kiselewski, 70, of Waltonville; Lillian Thompson, 76, of Lebanon, MO

Twenty-Five Years Ago


State’s Attorney Dennis Hatch called a meeting with business owners to discuss ways to combat the growing number of bad checks being passed in this area.

Ashley City Council donated $500 toward new Christmas lights. T-bone steaks were $3.99 a pound, and shoulder roasts were $1.59 a pound at Kroger.

Deaths: Lynn James Sr., 52, of Nashville; Delphine Kitowski, 72, of Nashville; Louis Perkey, 72, of Coulterville; Sr. Basilla Sharkowski, 86; Hattie Frieman, 96, of Tilden; Dorothy Page, 73, of Virden; Sophia Bergield, 96, of Du Quoin; Alvin Brink, 90, of Centralia; Ralph Foster, 86, of Ashley; Jason Spencer, 16, of Pinckneyville; Frances Merkleback, 84, of Sandoval.

Twenty Years Ago


Nashville High School awarded a $174,000 contract for a new track.

Marvin and Janet Norwicki purchased the Ashley Market Place grocery store.

Area residents were busy filling out their 2000 census forms.

Girolamo’s Pizza offered a vegetarian pizza during Lent for $10.95.

Steven Scott Setzekorn, 29,was killed when his auto hit a steel culvert.

Other deaths: Wilson Day, 81, of Payson; Joseph Przygoda, 89, of Du Bois; Clarence Reinkensmeyer, 81, of Hoyleton; Sandray Snyder, 53, of St. Louis; Rev. Orlando Brakemeyer, 86, of Fairview Heights; Katherine Bauer, 69, of Trenton; Darrell Chapman, 78, of Irvington.

Fifteen Years Ago


With presentation of a check for $36,000, a citizens group headed by Bob Miller took possession of the old Nashville Primary School to be used as a community center.

State Sen. Dave Luechtefeld predicted state deficits would “creatE a huge problem down the road.” Years later, his prediction was proven true.

Nashville Korger and manager Brian Rusiewski scored highest in its zone and was among the top eight in the division to be named Kroger Service Plus Champions.

Semi-boneless hams were $1.59 a pound and turkey breasts were $1.19 per pound.

Deaths: John W. Carroll, 80, of Nashville; Leona Ratermann, 84, of Breese; Meredith Willard, 73, of Mt. Vernon; Brenden Bartling, 8-year- old son of Nathan and Stacy Bartling of Richview; Velma Althoff, 88, of Modesto, CA; Nellie Meyer, 91, of Nashville; Margaret Swengross, 93, of O’Fallon; Gertrude Dressler, 83, of Scheller; Theodore Spenner, 99, of Hoyleton; Anna Geppert, 96, of Nashville; and Richard Wiltges, 85, of Scheller.

Ten Years Ago


The county board voted to ex- plore the possibility of a $6-million construction project: the county judicial center.

The Nashville Community High School board voted to discontinue JILG– Jobs for Illinois Graduates.

Nashville Volunteer firefighters responded to W. St. Louis St. near Tom’s Priced Right Market after a transformer blew. In the store, the reduced power caused a furnace blower to overheat and emit smoke.

Area pastors encouraged resi- dents to turn their lights off for one houron Saturday evening, March 27 at 8:30 p.m., for Earth Hour 2010.

Birth:Carter Sexton was born on March 5 in Newnan, Ga., to Sean and Heather Sexton.

Wedding and Engagements: Lauren Fuehne and Joseph Cleeton were wed on Jan. 16 in New Baden. Sarah Lohman and Paul Rancuret announced plans to wed on July 3. Francee Bailey and Benjamin Kasten announced plans to wed on June 12.

Deaths: Eileen Auld, 87, of Nash- ville, formerly of Oakdale, March 15; Lucas Cameron, infant son of Eric and Kristy (Kozan) Cameron, March 20; Caroline Barczewski, for- merly of Nashville, March 18; David Mardis, 50, of Richview, formerly of Buckner, March 20; Rev. Arnold Wagner, 88, of Nashville, March 16; Mary MCKenzie, 96, of Ashley, March 15.

Five Years Ago


The Nashville Chamber of Commerce honored their Volunteer of the Year, Rosalee Boreup, with a banquet held on Monday, March 16, at the Nashville American Legion.

Bids for the asbestos abatement project were approved during the regular meeting of Nashville Community High School Board of Education meeting.

Deaths: Connie K. Kraus, 60 of New Minden; Eva “LaVern” Wiese, 78, of Nashville; Eugene E. Matthews, 94, of rural Addieville; Frances Sieing, 102, of St. Louis, formerly of Venedy; Theresa A. Mueller, 97, of Ellisville, MO, formerly of Okawville; Allen J. Shirley Jr., 74, of Walton Beach, FL, formerly of Nashville; Verlya A. Carver, 75, of Okawville.

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