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Second Positive COVID Case Reported In Washington County

A health worker in Washington County has tested positive for the coronavirus, the Washington County Health Department said.

According to a press release: “Washington County Health Department was notified of a second positive confirmed case of COVID-19 in a county resident.  This resident is a female healthcare worker in her 50s.  The Health Department has been in contact with this individual, who has been in isolation and quarantine since the onset of symptoms and has made a full recovery.  Because of the significant delay in reporting, this individual is no longer required to be on isolation.

The first reported case in the county has made a full recovery and is also off isolation and quarantine orders. 

In addition to these, there have been 20 negative test results for county residents. 

Illinois Department of Public Health advises that not everyone needs to be tested for COVID-19 and recommends individuals with mild symptoms to treat them at home if they can and isolate themselves from other family members.  This reduces the chance of spread of the disease and helps protect the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare providers caring for critically ill patients.  If symptoms worsen, or you are not able to treat them at home, CALL your doctor to determine if testing is appropriate.  Only your healthcare provider can authorize and perform tests.  THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT DOES NOT DO TESTING FOR COVID-19.

As we see an increase in symptoms and testing capability in our area, not all potential threats will be reported to the local health department. IDPH has advised to assume that COVID-19 is in the community and everyone should take the proper precautions to protect themselves.  Below is a chart of the definitions for COVID-19 diagnosis in the general population and how they are reported to the health department.”

The health department has also issued this chart to help keep individuals notified of the ongoing health crisis.

The Nashville News will continue to update this post as more information becomes available.

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